Shokaku vs Yorktown Class Carriers – USS Enterprise & HIJMS Zuikaku

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In June 1942 the most modern carrier in the US Navy and IJN were the USS Enterprise and the HIJMS Zuikaku. This video provides you an introduction on the dimensions, protective capabilities and airplane of these Yorktown and Shokaku class providers.


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Enterprise (in) proper length:.

Stille, Mark: Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers 1921-45.

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[Question] Shokaku vs. Yorktown Displacement Values, how can they be so different? [x-post /r/warships] from WarCollege

[Question] Shokaku vs. Yorktown Displacement Values totally off? from Warships

Midway: Sheer Luck or Better Doctrine? (Wildenberg) from WarCollege

Notes on Accuracy & “Methodology”.
( 1) To put it simply, when it comes to information about WW2 ships whatever appears to be a bit off. Numerous sources differ. I have like 3 different team worths for the USS Enterprise, basically every wikipedia, book and site article has one or numerous various worths.
( 2) Furthermore, thanks to various commenters on reddit and the paradox online forums I understand that this is very typical. Simply to provide an example, take a look at this very well illustrated and sourced online forum post:
( 3) The very same goes for posts (see sources: Wildenberg and the link).
( 4) So, I tried to use only one source for each worth in order to keep the information as tidy as possible, also I did some cross-referencing, but take everything with a grain of salt.
( 5) Mid 1942 is also the basic “cut-off date”, therefore proximity merges, Japanese deck parks, etc. are not considered.
( 6) Values and devices is from Mid 1942 or previously. Zuikakus plane loadout is from the attack on Pearl Harbor, since she and the Shokaku were not present at the Battle of Miday.
( 7) Note that specifically the AA loadout altered significant a number of times, in the end the Zuikaku had 96 25mm AA barrels and the Enterprise was geared up with 40mm bofors.

Wildenberg, Thomas: Midway– Sheer Luck or Better Doctrine?
Keep in mind: Some aspects in this article are dated, see here:

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USN Carriers VS IJN Carriers– The Pacific 1942.


Numerous websites about the USS Enterprise:.

Ask Historians– Why were Americna carriers so much more long lasting.

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