Shocking Vietcong Footage 1966

Public domain Viet Cong video from the Vietnam war.

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32 thoughts on “Shocking Vietcong Footage 1966

  1. 34ey5 drift says:

    only war usa have lost so hard oh wait … iraq and afganistan is gettin close hahah

  2. Ritak08 Hax says:

    What do you do you don’t talk to my baby Nam

  3. adam burdt says:

    What's crazy is they put all this stuff in their head. Yet when we got POW's. They were often fed and treated better in captivity. It was a B.S war. What can you do now though?

  4. Lam_ Mim_Nun says:

    US A the looser

  5. 김동준 says:

    South korean troops :
    Hold my kimchi stick

  6. john brown says:

    yes it all worked really well didn't it some 58.000 US troops dead + all the others and then when the Veterans came home they way they got treated and paid the price !!!

  7. Jason Roman says:

    Great propaganda video

  8. MisterR82 says:

    The white man lying….even to himself about the war 😂

  9. Jotyrmoy Chakraborty says:

    US imperialism down down crash crash.

  10. The U.S soldier 1975 is DOG 🙂

  11. Ranch Life says:

    Sold . ill buy it, im in lets roll come pick me up

  12. Teacher is a milf says:

    Everybody gangsta until the trees start speaking Vietnamese

  13. Filip Borin says:

    For me everybody of these "innocent" unarmed vietnamese peoples was a hidden VC fighter.Everybody.

  14. 762fullmetal says:

    poor buggers, just trying to live their lives in their own country minding their own business, SHAME AMERICA SHAME !

  15. Đan Giang Thị Hồng says:

    Lính mỹ rất chuyên nghiệp

  16. Mack Mate . Com says:

    History in the making/ the war had different overtures

  17. Red River Downfall Parodies says:

    Took until 1969 that their morale staggered

  18. Sistahmels says:

    Cool footage to watch. As a nation we had no idea to the resolve the North Vietnamese had.

  19. joemama1151 says:

    This thing is 1966 political propaganda. This is what the government wanted everyone in the US to think was going on over there. Far from the truth.

  20. if trump were there   ,  it means victory.  brave president

  21. On behalf of my generation believe me when I say this is going to be forgotten and you will be honored and remembered you guys had a terrible tough job my dad was a participant United States Marine Corps 2nd and fibia sandtrap Battalion Bravo Company the Gators Patrick Michael Boyer also known as the cat thank you gentleman

  22. Sync Yahir says:

    Alexa this is sad play despacito

  23. Haroon Rohani says:

    Lol u know this is early in he war because none of them have m16s lol

  24. UV-444- FireFight says:

    fighting the communist Vietcong. they where doing good, until they got pulled out and funding was cut by democrats in America. we didn't loss the fight on the ground, we lost the fight thanks to liberal political mistakes.

  25. Big respect to all these soldiers.

  26. Nlobo1993 Lobo says:

    Tell me they didn't match up the fat guy walking when the tubas playing lmao

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