Shocking Torture Methods Used In The Vietnam War..! – Travelling In Vietnam

Part 9 of my Vietnam adventure consisted of learning more about the Vietnam War at the War Remnants Museum.
I learnt all about the insane torture methods used, the war crimes committed by the French and American army and the deadly chemical Agent Orange which led to horrific body mutations.

Since uploading this video i have had a few comments from people detailing how biased i am.
I would like to explain i am merely showing what i saw and experienced at a museum in Vietnam and seeing what life was like for the vietnamese in the war, so clearly it will show them off in a good way. I fully understand that both sides were in the wrong at times but then again it’s called war, nothing is pleasant about it.
So in conclusion, i am not saying either country was good or bad i’m just stating what stories were told from the vietnamese point of the view, i’m sure different things would be said in an american museum.
Thank You

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