Shocking Torture Methods Used In The Vietnam War..! – Travelling In Vietnam

Part 9 of my Vietnam adventure consisted of learning more about the Vietnam War at the War Remnants Museum.
I learnt all about the insane torture methods used, the war crimes committed by the French and American army and the deadly chemical Agent Orange which led to horrific body mutations.

Since uploading this video i have had a few comments from people detailing how biased i am.
I would like to explain i am merely showing what i saw and experienced at a museum in Vietnam and seeing what life was like for the vietnamese in the war, so clearly it will show them off in a good way. I fully understand that both sides were in the wrong at times but then again it’s called war, nothing is pleasant about it.
So in conclusion, i am not saying either country was good or bad i’m just stating what stories were told from the vietnamese point of the view, i’m sure different things would be said in an american museum.
Thank You

Crawling Through The cu Chi tunnels!!

The Devastating BOOBY TRAPS Used In The Vietnam War

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25 thoughts on “Shocking Torture Methods Used In The Vietnam War..! – Travelling In Vietnam

  1. DailyPunch says:

    There are no good guys in war

  2. apophenia 23 says:

    And then there is the Fallujah babies. Thanks america

  3. The Dark Destroyer says:

    I think rape became the norm back then ????

  4. Mason Hally says:

    Lmao a group of “seal rangers” ok bub

  5. Rushil Pursooth says:

    Alright lieutenant Dan.

  6. Hunter_ Sprayberry_ says:

    I see nothing wrong with Some of the this stuff bc this guy has no fuking clue what actually went on in nam bc theres a reason why half of this went on in nam as for killing clivilins my uncle that’s Was in nam and got 3 Purple Hearts and he always said in nam never trust nobody that’s vetinameis bc u never know who is charlie

  7. Shrek BinLaden says:

    So ur telling me there’s cock and ball torture in Vietnamese POW camps? Well fuck me where do I go to sign up?

  8. Roscoe Buns says:

    It's been wonderful having Donald Trump as our President we haven't had a war.

  9. Jim Petracci says:

    Very informative thanks!

  10. Look children.. THIS is propaganda! THIS is how the enemy manipulates the truth to get you to HATE your country. THIS is BS.. 1/2 of a story. Remember.. YOU are being manipulated by "Andy", the man paid by Communists to show a 'one-sided' story so you will HATE your country. GET IT?

  11. SEM WRITER says:

    For every evil Westerners had, the East had 1000 more. Get real.

    Only Anglos give the Bible to the world, and some Godly law, if the East were not so brutally evil US would not have been there in the first place! Thank God, Scripture says two resurrections will happen, the final one resurrects all humans who have ever lived, then they'll have a chance for eternity!

  12. Hiya Andy.
    We have atrocities in 2020 and onward. We have many 2020 technical documentation record-keeping, yet there are still questions regarding authenticity and manipulation.
    Video/commentary aboot 50 years ago in Vietnam, and video/commentary present:
    Please question when possible.

  13. Tyler Hains says:

    This is fuckt up

  14. Rick Ross says:

    Why dont you show the insides of the museum while you talk instead of your face.

  15. Mrcooltroll Maxi says:

    The American soldier literally just killed every person that had veitnamese genes in them, that fucked up as hell, I honestly think they were doing it for fun, that's fucked up i hope they suffer like how they made those innocent villagers did.

  16. Yuio Poli says:

    "Here's a video to prove it" he says and then goes onto to show a DOD propaganda video.

  17. Yuio Poli says:

    Support our troops! Right? Edward Snowden should be in prison! He's the war criminal!

  18. Cooper Easthope says:

    Wow. I’m only 13 when I realize the world is a bad place and it’s not like they put it in the movies

  19. tribalconcrete says:

    Nice video "Andy." Can you do a series on British war crimes and atrocities? You could make an entire YouTube channel just on that alone. Start with Ireland. Typical, millennial, safe-space, hot coca drinking, clown: always ready to spew disrespect on the American soldier…until you need him to bail you out.

  20. Robin Keller says:

    Superb video montage!😯
    I like your impartiality, & how you are touche by this…
    Gratings from Switzerland!
    Peace everybody!

  21. Ismail Van der meer says:

    Well long live american “freedom”

  22. Laras Hati says:

    so funny that us didn't pulled back 70% because they ashamed of lost war even though with all military advantages

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