Sgt. Mackenzie ~ Vietnam Combat Footage

This short cinematography video is about the 40th Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam. It shows the brave work of this unit in combat conditions.  “All For One” is mainly about the rescue of Capt. Gerald Lawrence on August 20th, 1972.

7 thoughts on “Sgt. Mackenzie ~ Vietnam Combat Footage

  1. Robert De Los Santos says:

    "One thing worries me…
    Will people want to hear about it?
    Or will they want to forget the whole thing happened?"

    -Lt. J.G. Richard Strandberg

  2. Tim Smith says:

    Keep it going just found all of your videos .some state that we can't watch them due to copyright .in the USA .bummer your videos are #1

  3. Thank you to all who served..I feel a lot of these soldiers got the raw side of the stick but they still did there job

  4. Love how the bag pipes start up all of a sudden😂😂😂😂

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