Seriously close combat footage as Canadian PPCLI fight back Taliban forces.

Some incredible C9A1 action here as Canadian PPCLI firefight with Taliban forces. Date unknown.

32 thoughts on “Seriously close combat footage as Canadian PPCLI fight back Taliban forces.

  1. Dale Franklin says:

    Head up gu up, good work lads

  2. Black Face Trudeau says:

    Vets cost me too much…. hey Omar Khadr hows 10.5million buds!

  3. Fortune favours the bold.
    Glory to our fallen Patricia's

  4. Fortitude South says:

    Is he providing far flank security?

  5. Kelly Levicky says:

    Respect & thank you from 🇺🇸

  6. Angry Beaver says:

    Thsts our boys. So proud of you. Now stuff that size 11 up the enemies ass and turn it sideways.

  7. arrow64 64 says:

    Nice and calm folks ! that's the way you do it. these guys belong there ! ass kickers..

  8. The Endless Love says:

    Sorry for the question but did you kill anyone that day

  9. Arctic clash says:

    Fun fact Canadians are one of the most skilled fighters in the world

  10. "Those cocksuggers over there?"

  11. Izic Windsor says:

    Never be afraid to be scared or to shoot. To hell with ROE.

  12. hist man313 says:

    Whatever you have to say about the Taliban you can't deny that those bastards know how to fight.

  13. teddy cannoli says:

    Im dealing with kidney stones..watching this kills the pain….fucin warriors…proud Canadian..fuc you guys are nasty…lolo

  14. I am The Hammer says:

    I've watched a lot of combat videos and this is literally the only one where I've seen and heard so many fucking RPG explosions. Also I am Canadian and I am glad our boys brought the mother fuckin heat on those evil bastards!

  15. Master Beethoven says:

    Are those explosions incoming or outgoing?

  16. Joseph Zaccardi says:

    Is it just me or does the Canadian military seem more calm, collected and professional than much of the footage of the American forces (specifically army, not so much the marines)? Don't get me wrong, the American military is the finest in the world. I wonder if this is due to the army vs marines combat ability in the states? Canadian forces (members of the PPCLI) probably surpass the training of your average army recruit. Sure we have a small military, but it makes me proud every time I see them in action.

  17. The Ceo Of Canada says:

    i am a candian and am friends with sergeant johnston who served with the ppcli

  18. Ethan Hartmann says:

    thank god for the man who was recording who was an auto rifleman

  19. This comment section is cancerous.

  20. Ben Harris says:

    I am a proud Canadian. I support all of our Canadian troops in Afghanistan. PPCLI rocks.

  21. You literally can't says:

    "Good place to get ambushed"

    *Starts a counterattack*

  22. killjoy999 says:

    Great job Pricness Patricias.  Sick of what our Government is doing to you vets but you took the hard knocks for us.  We love you.

  23. What you see here are examples of the ridiculous ROEs ISAF are forced to follow.

    They knew they were taliban but had to wait to be shot at.

  24. Barnes466 says:

    lots of return fire here, you can hear impacts from rpgs and rounds flying overhead and into ground in front.  proud of you guys!

  25. Infantry T says:

    hahaha no doubt, princess patricia aint feelin that

  26. NinjaKidCH says:

    I hope your kidding…

  27. sweet_alamond says:

    this is paintball

  28. Jack Steer says:

    Calm down bro take a chill pill.

  29. Lars Fillmore says:

    Your joking about a firefight like it's COD? Firefights aren't fun, they fucking suck and most likely you have to live with them for the rest of your fucking life man. Seriously this shit isn't a video game…

  30. It is redundant to call it "Canadian PPCLI".

  31. probably more ammo to keep f***ing up people:)

  32. W4FFLE F4RT says:

    The crazy thing about this guys, is only one team walks out. You're basically fighting to the death. That is fucked up shit to think about. Stay safe boys. I'll be joining you out there some day!

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