Sen Toku: Marine Archaeologist Searches for 24 WW2 Japanese Submarine Shipwrecks

Seventh clip from Parallax Film’s “Sen Toku: Search for Japan’s Ghost Fleet” which documents the expedition to uncover the largest collection of sunken submarines in history.

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April 1, 1946: The US Navy deploys a classified mission to destroy the largest collection of submarines in history, including a top-secret Japanese weapon the I-400 – an aircraft-carrying super submarine designed to attack American cities and the I-58 submarine which sank the USS Indianapolis. Parallax Film Productions follows the groundbreaking underwater expedition to uncover this mysterious Sen Toku submarine fleet and reveal a new chapter in history.

Days after their attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto and his military commanders realize they have provoked the U.S. into joining the war and are likely targets for American retaliation. They quickly mobilize to build a secret super fleet of submarines. Sen Toku: search for Japan’s Ghost Fleet follows as Texas A&M University marine archaeologist Brett Phaneuf tries to locate these legendary subs. Phaneuf and his team travel to Japan where 24 World War II submarines were scuttled, doomed to a watery grave. Working from 60- year-old declassified U.S. naval photos, ocean sonar and GPS navigation, and ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), Phaneuf’s crew — the first to survey these shipwrecks — discover details of World War II submarines lost long ago in the Pacific Ocean.

While the team searches the waters off Nagasaki Japan for the Sen Toku submarines, they learn of secret missions planned for the subs. But the sea doesn’t give up its secrets without a fight, and six decades of saltwater and secrecy has buried all that remains of Japan’s ghost fleet. The team is prepared to push themselves and their technology to learn the truth, but will it be enough to solve this deep blue mystery?

Includes ww2 japanese naval footage, details of the attack submarines redeploying to attack american naval base at Ulithi Atol, the surrender of Emperor Hirohito’s impact on this mission, and the suicide of the commanding officer. Also includes interview with US navy veteran who participated in the surrender of the submarine and allied world war 2 file footage of the I-401 aircraft carrying submarine’s capture.

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