Search & Clear Mission, Mobile Riverene Force, Mekong Delta, South Vietnam (1968)

SEARCH AND CLEAR MISSION, MOBILE RIVERENE FORCE (3D BN, 60TH INF, 9TH INF DIV).: Mekong Delta, South Vietnam: 02/06/1968: Approx. 600′: Troopers crouch and run in jungle. Troopers pull useless Vietcong from tunnel. The tunnel is checked. Soldier searches the useless Vietcong. Troopers advance on jungle village. Troopers firing weapons from ATC on river. (overexposed) Troopers crawl alongside the bottom. Troopers cross jungle stream. Troopers take cowl behind embankment. They’re beneath sniper hearth. Soldier fires M-60 MG. Troopers behind embankment.
Nationwide Archives Identifier: 32834
Native Identifier: 111-LC-54555
Creator(s): Division of Protection. Division of the Military. Workplace of the Deputy Chief of Workers for Operations. U.S. Military Audiovisual Middle. ca. 1974-5/15/1984 (Most Latest)
From: Collection: Movement Image Movies from the Military Library Copy Assortment, 1964 – 1980
Report Group 111: Data of the Workplace of the Chief Sign Officer, 1860 – 1985
Stage of Description: Merchandise
Kind(s) of Archival Supplies:Transferring Photographs
The creator compiled or maintained the sequence between:1964 – 1980
This merchandise av paperwork the time interval:1/19/1968 – 1/23/1968