Scenes From Deckhouse Five: Marines & USS Iwo Jima Vietnam War

Like This Movie Trailer? Go to to purchase the entire 45-minute video, or to see movie trailers of over 700 other military videos. This DVD documents activities during Operation Deckhouse Five in January 1967. Includes scenes shot aboard USS Iwo Jima, LPH-2. Shows 1st Battalion 9th Marines below deck preparing for the operation. Excellent flight deck footage of HMM-362 “Ugly Angels” flying the UH-46A Sea Knight and UH-34D Seahorse. Various scenes aboard Iwo Jima with flight crews preparing helicopters and Marines loading aboard the choppers. Good scenes of helicopter bringing wounded Marines back to the ship. Scenes of General Westmoreland and VIPs aboard Iwo Jima.
Excellent scenes of Marines on land walking through mud flats and heavy jungle, guarding perimeter, cleaning M-79 grenade launcher, firing 105mm howitzer, digging bunkers, etc. Brief scenes of USS Washtenaw County (LST-1166) off-loading equipment and USS Saint Francis River (LSMR-525).
Please note! There is no narration and scenes are random. Video contains captions, a music soundtrack and radio broadcasts from Armed Forces radio stations in Vietnam.