Russo – Japanese War and background, 1905. Film 13002

Japan. Russo – Japanese war. Different scenes of action including Battle of Yalu(?).
1. Japanese traditional dancers – various dancers perform for camera on open stage (c.1895);
2. Japanese soldiers, samurai sword fighting, kendo between two officers who wear traditional protective clothing and masks, and who hit each other with long sticks. A crowd of officers look on;
3. Russian spy balloon pulled by cavalry. Balloon is raised. Then simulated piece with two men travelling in balloon, balloon caught in storm, model of balloon struck by lightning, it crashes into water, man in rowing boat rescues men from water;
4. Faked footage of Japanese soldiers storming a hill top;
5. Faked footage (?) of dismounted cavalry lining up on edge of woods and firing a volley of guns. Soldiers remount. Two lines of (presumably) Russian and Japanese soldiers clash;
6. Japanese cavalry ride past camera. A few people on foot;
7. (7 mins 16 secs) Japanese fleet firing guns in half distance and long distance. Torpedo launched from side of ship, explosion in sea. Another torpedo and explosion. Faked shot of model of Russian ship capsizing, sinking and exploding. This is often called footage of Battle of Tsushima, but is more likely ships in port of Port Arthur.
8. (9 mins 12 secs) Japanese soldiers with column of mule carts. Japanese soldiers and large number of stationery mule carts. Moving supplies. Taking mule carts through a ford on a river. One soldier gives another a piggy back;
9. Faked shots of Japanese soldiers climbing over a high wall and dropping down into a courtyard. Soldiers assist colleagues to leave compound by giving them a helping hand.
10. Faked footage of Japanese troops carrying the Japanese flag successfully storming a Russian hill-top gun emplacement. Some of the soldiers who are “shot”, put themselves into comfortable positions to watch the action;
11. Faked footage of Japanese soldiers firing rifles in snowy undergrowth. Troops advance. Two lines of ostensibly Japanese and Russian troops clash in snow;
12. Several Japanese field guns being fired. Officers spotting with binoculars.