Russian soldiers flee hideout as Ukrainians shell them from above

MOMENT Russian soldiers flee hideout as Ukrainian armed forces shell them from above in dramatic drone footage.

The Russian soldiers can be seen fleeing from a house as Ukrainian forces target the area, reportedly in the eastern Donetsk region.

A first explosion sends some Russian soldiers running for their lives, while another explosion hits a large farmhouse and destroys its roof.

A third explosion can be seen sending some of the Russian soldiers flying, while others run on. Some of the soldiers get back to their feet and continue fleeing, but at least two can be seen lying on the ground and not moving.

The area continues to be hit, with more soldiers fleeing from another occupied building in the farmstead.

After a few seconds, a lone soldier can be seen fleeing the area shortly before more explosions follow, destroying most of the buildings. One more soldier is then seen running away from the devastation.

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