Russian Circular Warships – Guide 112

The two circular warships of the Imperial Russian Navy, are today’s subject.

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50 thoughts on “Russian Circular Warships – Guide 112

  1. ArcanaXIII says:

    Novgorod huh? That name is coming up with an odd frequency.

    Interesting setup, I have to admit.

  2. Sanguinius on vacation says:

    Hmmm. You know if you make the bridge able to spin counter to the ships rotation it would conteract the dizziness and add a level of complexity which would be far outside of the abilities of the Russian shipyards of the day!

  3. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of these things before! A lazy-Susan for the seas…or maybe not.

  4. Farewell again our dear land, So hard for us to imagine that it's real and not a dream, motherland native home farewell our motherland, Lets go, the sea is waiting for us. the vastness of the sea is calling to us, and the tides.

  5. lefr33man says:

    a.k.a. the floating saucer

  6. Stanislav Kostarnov says:

    I wonder if the Popov who made the Popov-Narushevich-N3 circular winged airplane was in any way related to the admiral….

  7. Stanislav Kostarnov says:

    UFO = an unidentified floating object

  8. Ben O'Driscoll says:

    When your ship designer is poppin off

  9. Karl Mech says:

    Boat, Like Yo-yo And Top. In other words… BLYAT.

  10. Way, way too much vodka was responsible for the design of this ship… 🤦

  11. Phillip Shirkey says:

    Russian circle ship so cute!

  12. The German Otaku's Mobile Account says:

    Welp imagine Japan Fighting one of those the Spotter says"Admiral! There is a Small Island with Boilers on it" The Admiral says "Thats no Island!That Is a battleship!"

  13. Braden Wolf says:

    Why is this not the teir two russian bb in wows?

  14. Paul Brozyna says:

    That “aft” with the array of whirling blades is quite terrifying to behold.

  15. Karl Mech says:

    This could have worked better with movable thruster pods. Marginally better anyway.

  16. Maverick966 says:

    This is the reason why most Russian/Soviet tanks have circular turrets (T-54/55, T-62, T-64/80, T-72/90 etc.)

  17. carlstedtmattias says:

    A weaponized merry-go-round! I think, being silly.
    "It could rotate so fast it made the crew dizzy."
    I IS a weaponized merry-go-round.

  18. Unidentified Sailing Object

  19. Victoria Cyunczyk says:

    "Its agility was… not."
    Good one.

  20. GunRunner says:

    did ya ever do that follow up video?

  21. Remtanic 2 says:

    ah yes, the Russian pancake

  22. VersusARCH says:

    It's a water lily. With guns.

  23. Mike fishead says:

    Its a fighting pancake

  24. largol33t1 says:

    First mate: Captain, where do I assemble the men on deck?
    Captain: Yes…

  25. Threadoflength says:

    "Baltic" .. you keep using this word.. I do not think it means what you think it means

  26. My new favorite battleship.

  27. circular waships sounds like a bad idea, what is stopping them from spinning around when the guns start to fire?

  28. christianoutlaw says:

    If the thing went into spin cycle that’d be time for the German pilot from the Operation Cerberus video to shine … “Round and round ze boat I go, Gott I hope I don’t get dizzy”

  29. Handlebar Fox says:

    speed increased to eight and a half knots…. good grief, these things were floating skeet pigeons.

  30. Handlebar Fox says:

    What's the difference between "uncontrollable spinning tops" and "controllable spinning tops" ?

  31. Handlebar Fox says:

    I've heard that UFO's are able to go underwater. This does seem to support that conclusion.

  32. Ganooggon Underwood says:

    Very strange project.. Cannot war in the storm weather , rotating after the shoot….. How can this ship to fight???

  33. trubass23 says:

    Flat bottomed hulls make the Russian boat go round

  34. Marie BCFHS says:

    "Now of course a ship does need to retain minor details like buoyancy…"
    wait isn't buoyancy the entire point of building a ship?

  35. White Hat says:

    Noah’s ark was circular

  36. Zeev Tarantov says:

    Served on the Black Sea, not in the Baltic. The first one was built in St. Petersbug and then disassembled and transported to Nikolaev in parts. The second one built in Nikolaev, on the Black Sea. Home port in Sevastopol, on the Black Sea. Participated in the Russian-Turkish War of 1877, on the Black Sea. Nothing to do with the Baltic. The distance between the Baltic and Black Sea is a thousand miles, like from Toronto to Jacksonville.

  37. Difficult to square away.

  38. Commissar Ivan says:

    Russian Admiral: Congratulations Captain! Your new command, Admiral Popov!
    Russian Captain: Is it behind the floating blin (pancake)?
    Russian Admiral: It IS the floating blin!
    Russian Captain: I love this country…

  39. I guess you can say these ships were rather…revolutionary?

    …I’ll show myself to the door.

  40. David Griffiths says:

    A very amusing design all round

  41. Corey Micallef says:

    I kind of like this idea, I mean they wouldn't be practical fleet ships but they could be churned out of a shipyard or two and used as self mobile coastal defence batteries that can be deployed and redeployed as needed. Fit them AA guns, depth charge launchers, and sonar and they could be fairly useful additions to a coastal city's defences.

  42. Ich bin's says:

    …scrapped in 1911? So these vessels would have been worthy aspirants for the Baltic Fleet in 1905 both…

  43. This is so insane, I m surprised the French did not come up w this ideal first.

  44. Robin Blankenship says:

    Is there any truth to the conjecture that the gun crew(s) on these particular ships were known as……a Circular Firing Squad??

  45. Awesome Austin says:

    Only Russians could do something like this XD

  46. must have been terrifying to be a crew member. I get sick on a waltzer, imagine this fricking thing.

  47. High Flya says:

    @3:09, that's the Black Sea, not the Baltic Sea.

  48. Joseph Dedrick says:

    The only ship built that you could get dizzy by some clever engine work.

  49. Wonder if a modified "golf ball effect" would help the speed on such a hull or any for that matter.

  50. steweygrrr says:

    So what I learned from this video is that this… ship should be remade with modern materials with vectored thrust hydrojets for propulsion and armed with both a 108 tube VLS in the centre as well as launchers for RAM. Or turn it into an assault carrier with a deployable air cushion to allow it to be the worlds first amphibious warship. 100% viable for which you have my utterly unfounded guarantee.

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