RUSSIA vs UKRAINE Naval Battle – DCS World 2.5 (4K Gameplay)

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Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) 2.5 is a free-to-play digital battlefield game and simulation environment.

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40 thoughts on “RUSSIA vs UKRAINE Naval Battle – DCS World 2.5 (4K Gameplay)

  1. Some Asian Dude says:

    unrealistic. The Russians are supposed to be shooting vodka bottles

  2. Mr.M1Garand 25 says:

    Why do their ships’ decks look like basketball courts? Any reason for the color difference in comparison to western ships?

  3. M Aaqil faruq says:

    this man has the strongest pc ever

  4. Gamerboiii 200 says:

    I have a question is this sandbox is so… Does dcs even have a sandbox mode?

  5. Joshua Lambert says:

    The Ukraine is in Russia

  6. Dark_Lightning says:

    Haven’t watched video yet but I’m rooting for Russia so I’ll come back and see who wins

  7. Mauro Cabral says:

    👉Aqui El comentario en español que buscas

  8. Numbers Stations Research and Information Center says:

    Yes, seems according to this, Russia knows how to 3d print ships in such quantity.

  9. Laysakol manarahhakiki says:

    العاب فيديؤ

  10. Danny Karlsson says:

    Both are pathetic countries

  11. Malder Fox says:

    Бред сумасшедшего…

  12. Just a note, it should be noted naval ships in any country's navy never ever stop to fire and never stop dead in water during engagements.

  13. Khanyisani Sikhakhane says:

    at the 5 minute mark i finally understood the scale of a gangbang

  14. Some Asian Dude says:

    this is what happens when Russia for some reason declares war against Guam A couple boats versus the entire Navy

  15. Sean Abad says:

    Russia:*Makes a joke*
    Ukrain:*Didn't laugh*



    Russia is treacherous. I will always support Ukraine. Greetings to Ukrainians from Turkey.🌙

  17. Russia navy vs us navy. I’ll let you guess which would win lol

  18. Byron Reyes says:

    I request china vs us

  19. Алексей Ревун says:

    тебе нужно найти классы кораблей их количество, и другую информацию о флоте, и выставить их на бой в реальной их численности и технике, к примеру Черноморский флот: морские пехотинцы, вертолеты(разных типов) авиацией (которая прикрывает этот флот и к нему относится) , береговая артиллерия, и войска противовоздушной обороны которые прикрывают этот флот в акватории их действия. Потом такую же работу к примеру с тем же украинским флотом проведи (или флотом другой страны, или же с другим флотом России, если не интересно с другими сравнивать), будет интересно на результат проведённой работы посмотреть.

  20. Ruhm Vaterland says:

    Russia can't afford a navy that big.


    kehed.. tau nya kartun.

  22. Jeronimo José Ferreira Neto says:

    поздравления братьям великой России за их великую военно-морскую мощь

  23. Love uokrine from pakistan army

  24. Maina Hussain says:

    Putin the power force of the world

  25. Олег Синицын says:

    Че за тупой бред ,что карабли так стоят всегда в стойле

  26. Carlos miguel r.t says:

    Perú vs Chile

  27. Oleksandr Demchyshyn says:

    Россия будет воевать украденными унитазами!!!

  28. Анатолий Романов says:

    У России один хлам

  29. Jadon Randlett says:

    Who is it all Chinese or sometin

  30. Ukraine Countryball kery says:

    Thats cruise ships vs war ships that always know that war ships gonna win.

  31. rsdu songs says:

    BIZZARE EFFECTS:Sac Amdsr or Amdsrjc/ exactly the cover photo of this video.thanks:dr.rsdu

  32. Пездюк Палеолита says:

    Факиин провокейшн фор срач

  33. The Fanatical Gamers says:

    What is this game??? It is way worser than World of Warships!

  34. Eyüp Özbey says:

    TÜRKLER burdamı gücümüzü belli edelim

  35. DarkSnake49542 says:

    The color, is it red for russia/soviet union fleet and blue for nato? (nato being Ukraine in that video)

  36. Ahmed Mohamed Mohsen says:

    it not cool the ame not cool all is not cool play war thunder it good game

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