Russia sent T-62s to Ukraine – Fake News or correct?

Recently there have been reports and footage that indicate that the Russian Armed Forces sent T-62 tanks, a tank that entered service 1962 so about 60 years ago, to Ukraine. As always, I am a bit hesitant, since photos and videos showing a few tanks being transported on a train don’t mean much, since that is not particularly uncommon. As such some people claimed that this is actually old footage from T-62s supposedly sent to Syria in 2018 or transported to a large-scale maneuver. And indeed, when I did a bit of digging, I found various photos from 2018 that had certain similarities to the tanks shown currently.

Cover: T-62M, Patriot Park, Kubinka Tank Mans Day 2019, Photo by Vitaly V. Kuzmin, permission granted. Modified by vonKickass, original here:

Disclaimer in 2019 I was invited by the Panzermuseum Munster.

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Footage T-62M and T-62MV on train:

Zaloga, Steven J.: T-62 Main Battle Tank, 1965-2005. Osprey Publishing: Oxford, UK, 2009.

T-62 Syria–tank-with-russia-h2200-rail-transport

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Photos / Footage 2018:

Geo Location

Kofman, Michael: Russian Performance in the Russo-Georgian War Revisited, 4th September 2018,, last accessed: 28th May 2022

00:00 Intro
01:08 – Footage Analysis – What types of T-62s
02:58 Is it footage from 2022?
03:51 Text and Symbol Analysis
06:25 Reasons why sending T-62s would make sense
07:52 T-62: Logistical Drawbacks
08:36 T-62: Potential Employment
10:09 Summary