Royal Marines in combat, helmet cam footage

its not a game out there!!!…Bootnecks and Leatherneck take on the Taliban!

17 thoughts on “Royal Marines in combat, helmet cam footage

  1. Royal Marines Commando Chats and Dits says:

    5:21 fking UFO?

  2. Giles Glasspoole says:

    Does anyone know if you see the enemy down your sight or do you just shoot in the direction and prey it hits

  3. Angespielttv says:

    This isn't a game, it's the fucking reality. It's potty to see some kids who playing "ego-shooter". When we have soldiers in Afghanistan who risk there lifes.

  4. Sarah Heywood says:

    Hoofin! What Number Op Herrick was this?

  5. xchargex16 says:

    Witcher 3 music <3


    Fuck! Them bipod/foregrips looks fucking AWESOME!

  7. The Sound of Legends says:

    are you able to post these videos without the music?

  8. TaZ101SAGA says:

    BHD Soundtrack for the win

  9. Greg Steele says:

    mate you should make movies cos this was frigging epic. and it was edited really well too.

  10. Andrew Morris says:

    I have so much respect for anyone in the armed forces, whatever nation they fight for. It takes so much bravery to risk your life for your country.

  11. ye the security clearance would probably be much longer – on the application form i got sent it said up to 9 months

    i don't really want to be waiting around so i might just apply for the paras because i heard they have a much shorter waiting list

  12. suppose i should send it soon – then i think i have to go to mainland uk twice before PRMC
    do you have first hand experience?

  13. hey i might get to go afghanistan – withdrawl isn't until december 2014 right?

  14. hiho59ish says:

    respect mate…more beer i owe ya….ffs…lol…

  15. DJ Smithy_Boro says:

    Do you have anymore footage?

  16. Wright Howard says:

    Ooh Rah! Get Some!

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