Return to Afghan combat outpost leads to unexpected firefight

They were the first U.S. soldiers to set foot in this remote corner of Logar province in more than three years. Deployed to support an Afghan battalion, they did not intend to engage in combat. The Taliban, however, had other plans for them. “Our role wasn’t really to fight,” said Lt. Graham Hennig, a platoon leader with Dragon Troop. “It just so happened that the fight crept it’s way up to us.”
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37 thoughts on “Return to Afghan combat outpost leads to unexpected firefight

  1. MrCoors68 says:

    We got hit with 700+ rocket and mortars in less than 6 months in Iraq in FOB Loyalty in 2007……….. this is just hollywood bullshit. Im not taking anything away from these guys, but I have seen more shit than this in a 2 month span …….. and no news was made about our losses… its fucking bullshit. rock on.
    Rangers lead the way ~

  2. Ronskie try says:

    This war won't end

  3. Chris Kelleher says:

    Looks like an arid Vietnam to me. 3000 yds away sniper. Then back and forth return fire from I don't know where. That Lt who had been a civilian in Kabul could have given better Intel there than being called up to active duty. Sorry but if my kids go to fight it has to be more than for Afghan girls being free to wear makeup. Time to leave.

  4. Sorry I'm late to the party but you're commentary is un-needed…pls just play be video

  5. Whiteboibando says:

    You shoot a Taliban he will be angry, steal his goat and he will be furious!

  6. Annie Marcellana says:

    God bless you all and safe always

  7. Brad Morrison says:

    Literally everyone expected it. What a shitty title.

  8. سجاد سليم says:


  9. سجاد سليم says:


  10. souriyochanthavong says:

    FC from NJ

  11. Taliban was barely present in Logar, that was Haqqani Network territory.

  12. hcaz revaew says:

    We Jews are appreciative of you gentiles fighting our Zionist wars in ambition of a world without borders ruled over by our soon to come messiah. Though we cannot respect the gentiles which are lower than us; we, the chosen people of GOD, appreciate your servitude to us and your willingness to die in doing so.

  13. Gilberto MJ says:

    The U.S. is not the policeman of the world, let Afghans solve their problems alone.

  14. baked beans says:

    i swear taliban are just wanna be FBI agents tryna blend in with everyone lol

  15. KingoftheCatnap says:

    Another bullshit war in a country WE SHOULDN'T BE IN.

  16. Arnold Kellner says:

    BRRRTTTTTT send them all to hell

  17. Charles Hughes jr says:

    Keep it up soldiers you all are part of the 10% who actually contribute to bettering the country instead of bleeding it dry while making excuses and not changes. Thank you for all you do and make it home safely

  18. steve hairston says:

    Two things to always remember in the military.
    Hurry up and wait.
    And, always expect the unexpected.

  19. Nidal Hasan says:

    I’ve always wanted to serve but I do not like how the Us military is used to make rich criminals richer. The day the American military is actually used for good I’ll sign right tf up

  20. David Boson says:

    We should spend alot more money turning this country back into a shit hole.

  21. Nuke Shooter says:

    This just shows me how much more I need to PT

  22. Andrew Aurelisk says:

    Laying in the field with not even an inch of microterrain.

  23. Respect our fellow brother &sister ,muslim or christian .,we are brother & sister,…….

  24. MattIsLoling says:

    11:50 is that some weed in the background

  25. am i the only one that is watching this 10 years later and only just saw this💀😂

  26. nzabara brightson says:

    Awesome great job bravo brothers

  27. Farm Bear says:

    Fn useless "ana"
    Get outa that shithole

  28. Spencer Egger says:

    Here we are 14 years later…Afghanistan is totally fixed now!!!

  29. john messersmith says:

    We are here wasting our time as the ana is using the usa dor fn money how fn stupid are we how gulible can we be we are brain washed

  30. Lance Armstrong says:

    It looks the Taliban hide behind woman & children while in a gun battle

  31. Chris Clark says:

    Another thing is that I really hate seeing us pull out of places we have holds on. Yeah, it's nice to get our other troops back home and out of fighting, but it's kind of like spitting in the faces of our previous troops we've had fighting. When we leave, everything will go right back to shit and all progress we have made will be gone.

  32. Chris Clark says:

    Based on the celebration fire from the Afghan Army, I would say that there are going to be a lot of friendly fire casualties

  33. SeaJay Oceans says:

    2020 USA packs it up, and goes home . . .

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