Red Orchestra – Combat Footage

Me playing RO. Lots of diffrent clips put togheter just to show how fun and intense RO is.

This video is shot with the latest patch “Summer Assault”. One of the things the new patch introduces is an increasement in people allowed on the server. Up to 50 soldiers at the same time! RO just keeps getting better and better 🙂

/tomme aka “Chupacabra” while playing online.

20 thoughts on “Red Orchestra – Combat Footage

  1. SandersdeKFC says:

    @Groove1993 yes, the community is still very much alive, and at its heaviest times during the day thier are atleast 2-3 full 50 players servers online (all three are TWB community)

  2. Bleakunending says:

    @getintoawheelchair I olny agree with you because I love Flak. It would probably ruin the game though.

  3. Ok, when i try to reinstall this, it says duplicate key, anyone know how i can fix that!? watching this video makes me want to play it SO BAD!

  4. patrickwright15 says:

    can you guys give me the web site?

  5. something worth pointing out is that red orchestra makes almost no use of ambient gunfire – every shot you hear is from a real player firing his weapon

  6. Groove1993 says:

    hey does today still play a lot of players this game?…plz tell me…and how much servers are availabile?

  7. WhiteRabbitProductions says:

    It might be a bit to vivid, but ya it basically like that (refering to the tracers).

  8. RockingMadDog says:

    nice i like the looks of the bunker complex. im downloading the game right now on steam for £2.99. Been looking for a good alternative too call of duty games and such unrealistic trash FPS's

  9. i am buying this game today it looks awesome

  10. it look slike a really fun game. i've been playing ww2 fps shooters b4 steam and cod ..
    How does it compare to dod source?> and how is it different from battlefield 1942 *which i hate*. I like how it looks, but i've always been disapointed with massive battlefield like hoping for a response from people who have played all the games i have mentioned.

  11. Satyajit Sharma says:

    mother of god, all that was so sick as hell…

    i wonder if i buy dis game and ma parents hear all the screams and noise they would throw my laptop out of ma house :O

  12. masterstev112233 says:

    im playing it on ut2004 but there is no one online so i put 50 bots and have a lots of fun lol

  13. havent ever played the game , but this screaming russian smg looks cool. is it effective?

  14. SonOFZeus Aesth says:

    bwh85 i am one of those people

  15. Darrien Spicak says:

    Wow all that nocie and screaming! This is very realistic! Hmm wonder if I can get it when i get some money.

  16. RO mod Darkest Hour released on 6th june 2008, cant wait !!!

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