Real Combat Footage: 173rd Airborne Brigade Assaults Hill 875 Dak To Vietnam

This video was taken towards the end of the battle for Hill 875. The stranded 173rd Airborne Brigade battalion had finally been relieved after holding off North Vietnamese regulars for several days. The chaplain in the first scene is believed to be a Chaplain who accompanied the relieving unit (4th battalion/503rd Infantry). The relieved unit (2nd battalion/503rd Infantry) had lost its Chaplain a couple days earlier due to a Marine pilot mistakenly bombing friendlies. It is not known if the other videos in this compilation showing wounded being evacuated and some mop up activities were taken prior to the religious service or not. My guess is those were taken before the religious service.

10 thoughts on “Real Combat Footage: 173rd Airborne Brigade Assaults Hill 875 Dak To Vietnam

  1. JoeyTheChin says:

    As a Combat Veteran of the Iraq War 06’-08’,,I have nothing but respect and honor all Vietnam Veterans!!!

  2. Hunter Danes says:

    My grandfather was 173rd idk if anyone will see this but his name is Fredrick Thompson

  3. The Deitz says:

    Looking for anyone that served with 173rd CIB Gary Faircloth. Gary served two tours in Nam. The second was cut short, he was sent back to the states after taking a round from an AK

  4. MasterWitchDoctor says:

    my Brother Lance Dawson was in that unit on that hill.

  5. To wonder what conversations in time they were having at that moment

  6. Larrydeanhatfield1946 Hatfield says:

    That was my unit 1968 to 1969 March to march

  7. michael bailey says:

    piss pour sound affects…jackass

  8. Stephen Bounds says:

    2/503rd inf. 173rd Abn. Brigade (Sep) 😪 seems like last week!😢

  9. Marshall Burney says:

    David F. Burney

  10. Marshall Burney says:

    That's my uncle at 11:16 sitting at against the tree

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