Re-Up: 1948 Arab – Israeli War : Rare Combat Footage

Source of Footage –
Israel and The Arabs-The 50 Years War – Documentary
Egyptian Military Archives
Various Other Footage
Song – 작은사람 (Scapegoat) by – 아이러닉 휴 (ironic HUE)

No Copyright Infringement Intended

10 thoughts on “Re-Up: 1948 Arab – Israeli War : Rare Combat Footage

  1. jupeshkv pangankv says:

    It's music name???

  2. jupeshkv pangankv says:

    I love its music 😍🤩🤩❤️😘

  3. Arabs are still pissed they couldn’t dent us with 5 times the amount of fighters lol

  4. A war to music without commentary. Absolutely tasteless.

  5. Najm Gamer says:

    Very beautiful man, i love your work.


  6. Really coll fotage 😀 keep uploading those videos 😉

  7. Mr Saturday Night Special says:

    What aircraft were those three twin engin biplanes flying in formation, and who was flying them?

  8. i had to re-upload due to copyright claim , so i had to cut some of the content 🙁

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