Raw Uncut Vietnam Footage

unseen vietnam footage

24 thoughts on “Raw Uncut Vietnam Footage

  1. Andres Chavez says:

    Music reminds me of tatooine

  2. Thebad Samaritan says:

    Such a bs propaganda video. In 1966, we were getting our butts kicked. The commentator never quotes US casualties. Be real. War sucks. Thank you.

  3. MILLIONS OF Vietnamese civilians slaughtered by US war criminals .100,000S OF TEENAGE US TROOPS KIA /WIA /Favoured US armament corporations trillions of dollars war profits from taxpayers /.corrupt politicians assured of multi millions dollars from war profiteers and support from media baron friends to put them back in lucrative office . Millions of US citizens ,without affordable Healthcare . When will they ever learn ?

  4. Silent Assassin says:

    I salute all Vietnam war veterans since it is not their fault that their Terrorist government used them as a pawn vs. Russia and China. But be honest with yourself – what the hell are the U.S. doing there meddling with the affairs of a country that JUST WON a hard fought battle for freedom against the French. The Vietnamese wanted NOTHING but to have ONE FREE UNITED country. North Vietnam and South Vietnam united (Do you see what happened to North and South Korea who are now forever MORTAL enemies when in reality, they are Brothers). When the US left, Vietnam achieved this and now Ho Chi Minh's vision became true – UNLIKE KOREA, VIETNAM IS ONE UNITED country. If the US won, Vietnam will be exactly the same – South Vietnam will be thriving and the North Vietnam will be a rouge communist country and they will be MORTAL ENEMIES until the end of time much like the Korean Peninsula now. HISTORY WAS KIND TO Vietnam because they successfully kicked out the US Imperialist out of their land. Sorry, but the truth hurts. The US have LITERALLY NO BUSINESS starting that War vs. Vietnam and thankfully, you lost that war and was not successful in dividing them like Korea.

  5. Back home, hearing aid companies popping up all over the place.

  6. American soldiers: "I died for your freedom."
    Vietnamese people: "Thanks, I hate it."

  7. John Morrison says:

    Imagine how nice your life would be if you never learned about propaganda and after watching this you had absolutely no questions or critiques at all.

  8. 123arcadia says:

    The way these soldiers are shooting confirms many innocent ppl were killed!

  9. Young man lost live's becouse of what?

  10. You Are Angry says:

    Yo wtf I was watching this and my grandpa came in with the m16 and shot my pc

  11. Tony Dimaric says:

    My grandfather tells me real interesting stories of the war (not Vietnam) about how they nearly escaped death and how their helmet used to fly off due to bomb shrapnel's and bullets.

  12. Braiden Campbell says:

    i have this documentary the whole thing is 23 hours long

  13. Charles-Olivier Fortin says:

    fortunate sib intensifies

  14. Trần Trung Nguyễn says:

    ppap tooshort stronger trip pokemonsong asdfmovie pikachu

  15. Random Guy says:

    Raw uncut indeed kkkkkkk

  16. All over a FAKE attack on a ship…

  17. Jay Walker says:

    Our squad leader use to say if you dog a$$ you die so everybody fast footed.

  18. howeestone says:

    thank you Vietnam veterans for your service you are brave

  19. The 2nd To Last Of The Albino Mexheecans says:

    Holy sh!t dude….Before the 10:20 mark of this footage, I knew the expression “Looked haunted by their past” …. but I definitely didn’t understand it!!
    War is absolutely heartbreaking, — even when a nation is the “victor(s),” there’s definitely never a “winner”…😔❤️


    My father was a vietnam veteran

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