Raw footage of Vietnam War, 1966 II

PACIFICATION PROGRAM, LAMSON II (1ST INFANTRY DIVISION), BINH DOUNG, SOUTH VIETNAM, 10/7/1966 MS, booby traps pointed out by South Vietnamese soldiers. MS, wounded Vietnamese man on a stretcher – he is lifted into a 3/4 ton truck. MS, prisoner with hands tied behind his back being guarded by Vietnamese soldiers. VS, soldiers taking two prisoners away along a jungle path. LS, UH-1D copter in flight. VS, US soldiers moving thru dense jungle foliage. VS, Vietnamese soldiers walking thru a village. VS, soldier searching a tunnel under a hut. VS, soldier poking a haystack with a spear – he climbs to the top and stomps the hay. VS, soldier poking thru a pile of wood. LS, soldier blowing up a balloon, surrounded by children and women. MS, Vietnamese woman speaking into a microphone. MS, gifts being passed out to the children. CU, children standing in line. MS, soldier showing a photograph to the children. MS, Vietnamese soldiers’ band playing. VS, dentist pulling woman’s tooth – woman smiles as she leaves the chair. VS, villagers passing thru a chow line and eating. CU, child eating an orange. Pan, village men seated in the grass, eating.
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