RAW COMBAT FOOTAGE – Iraq – ISIS convoy decimated by helicopters – GRAPHIC

Helicopter-eye view of an ISIS convoy attempting to flee, with no success….

Iraqi Army MI-28 helicopters destroy pretty much everything.


43 thoughts on “RAW COMBAT FOOTAGE – Iraq – ISIS convoy decimated by helicopters – GRAPHIC

  1. Non le tué pas !!!! Sinon qui on va rapatrie en France ?? 😂💞

  2. Richard Harding says:

    Lots of ammo hitting short of the target :(.

  3. MohawkDriver says:

    Much kill. Much destroy. Much good.

  4. Mohit Sawant says:

    2:232:48 looks like something you see in gta five online

  5. Xanderman says:

    Is it ISIS or is it the Highway of Death during the first gulf war?

  6. Bahadir Dogan says:

    How easy they get destroyed,

  7. Luke Fenton says:

    When the limit case requires you to believe in some wizard in the sky that approves of killing, raping and torturing men, women, children and animals, it's easy to see why the cretin in the video believes that the tumbleweed will protect him.
    When you believe in a religiously enforced and practiced doctrine, there is no limit to the bullshit you will believe and so his seemingly ridiculous antics come as no surprise.

  8. Comentarista Anónimo says:

    The guy's at 2:24 commander:
    – Why didn't you attend the camouflage class??
    – I did

  9. I would love to see them draw a dick on the ground with cannon.

  10. Aiden T Radley says:

    yeah get those assholes!

  11. Oh well , allahs will

  12. Tristan Holland says:

    It’s crazy that they took the time to enjoy that tumbleweed that drifted through the battlefield.

  13. White Coyote says:

    I always wonder who cleans up after the mess and removes the bodies.

  14. Dennis Lee says:

    Go Iraqi military!

  15. lazy carper says:

    sterling work lads, keep it up

  16. Cool video game, what is it running on?

  17. Huge respect to the iraqi army

  18. Fuck ISIS, hope they enjoyed watching their shit get torn

  19. megachef04 says:

    Imagine looking out your window and seeing this

  20. Laksamana Suhendra says:

    0:01 what a nice convoy there, would be a good target practice for an A10 🙂

  21. Uncle Ebenezer says:

    Can these guys do a run up the west coast of the US please?

  22. Trigger Warning says:

    Not much longer and we may be doing this to ANTIFA.

  23. Foster chance says:

    those bullets pretty much turn people into a pink mist i couldnt imagine being on the recieving end how terrfying that would be to see everything around you geting demolished

  24. morphanok69 says:

    Is it just me or are these guys horrible shots?

  25. The Redeye samurai says:

    Good amount of problems solved that night love it

  26. gusjeazer says:

    And we're supposed to believe that these guys just drove through a huge desert guarded by the US air force, without any anti air capabilities and without anybody being able to stop them?

  27. Mike Moss says:

    Sweep that desert you mean sobs. Damn I love America

  28. yoidit manara says:

    you know when these arab armies are going into battle,car giant sells loads of trucks.

  29. Kyle Cupp says:

    You ever seen a trail of ants and you step on them. This is what that's like 😂

  30. Jake Slay says:

    Brought to you by Nissan.

  31. Matt allen says:

    Alot going for cluster munitions

  32. TruPyroDice says:

    Looks like they had additional jet air support….

  33. yer da man says:

    Don't people check the weather before they go out .

  34. Phillip Green says:

    The lack of intelligence of those cocksuckers, is both incredible and awesomely funny. 🤣

  35. Driftthegift says:

    I thought this was cod becuase of the subtitles

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