*Raw Combat Footage* Gun Run`s and Firefight`s

Thanks to all soldiers from around the world for fighting against terrorism in afghanistan!!

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This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage.


9 thoughts on “*Raw Combat Footage* Gun Run`s and Firefight`s

  1. Rebbeca Wilson says:

    I miss the sound of my 50 cal 😥

  2. One World says:

    5:27 y'all musta felt the heat off that. Sound travels 1100 fps, that was maybe a 1/5 of a second, so maybe 200' away? YouTube doesn't include a frame-step so it's real rough guesstimate. Looks a lot farther but sound hit ya quickly.

    At 10:35 those rocket hits…… damn! Serious thud.
    xlnt compilation

  3. Chris Williams says:

    Man Badass video I would love to you when join the Army

  4. Holden Steinhi says:

    Awesome 😉  well done guys!

  5. Limp Wood says:


  6. Dakota Mayfield says:

    Gotta love that brrrrt

  7. holysoks1 says:

    Love how the grunts get so pumped by the air support!
    Much respect from Australia!

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