Shot by a member of combat camera named Edwin C. Udey who was tasked with making a documentary about the field treatment of wounded, this silent footage was taken during the Battle of Saipan in 1944. Unlike most of the censored footage you will see from WWII, this material from the combat zone is quite raw. It is hard to watch without becoming emotional, seeing so many brave, young men who have been subjected to the horrors of battle.

At :28 a Marine examines a Japanese emplacement or hole and then fires his weapon into it. At :47 mortars are fired into Japanese positions. At :59 Marines rest near an armored vehicle. At 1:09 a wide shot shows likely naval gunfire or air strikes into the interior. At 1:26 the landing beach is shown with amtracks and other vehicles in the surf. At 2:24 a Marine handles what appears to be a landmine or Claymore. At 2:30 a Claymore is rigged. At 2:57 what appears to be a booby trap is shown. At 3:00 troops move through a fire zone. At 6:00 a KIA Japanese soldier is shown. At 6:10 an explosion rips through the hillside, possibly detonation of a Japanese emplacement. At 6:52 a tank moves into a position. At 7:00 American troops move through jungle foliage. At 7:52 burned bodies of KIA Japanese are shown. At 8:31, the beach area is shown at dusk. At 10:07, shot from the heights, the U.S. Navy can be seen with cruisers and battleships shelling the island. At 10:47 wrecked buildings are shown. At 12:17 a Japanese prisoner holds up his hands in surrender. At 12:43 Japanese prisoners including women and children sit and smoke cigarettes. Their war is over.

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  1. The Mammonous says:

    wheres all the fighting?

  2. Nick Tasy says:

    1:01 “GET UP AND MOVE THAT WAY!” I always love seeing this guy because I know what he’s yelling. Makes the footage just a little bit more personal

  3. God Bless the United States of America! And Bless the sacrifices of our warriors and the victory of our republic.

  4. Jack Lemon head 1. says:

    Every second these young lads spent on these Japanese islands must have been horrendous.Ive heard stories of soldiers being injured. Losing limbs ect,and they were heared screaming for their mothers.Wouldnt you think man could get together and say."No more". The atrocities in one war should be enough.Sometimes i say to myself,we don't deserve this planet.At the end of the day we are only lodgers. And at times and in some places we are the worst tenants our planet would have wanted.

  5. Great footage. And just a miniscule fraction of what is stored away and forgotten in many of the warehouses, libraries, museums, DOD, military and Smithsonian archive vaults. It should ALL be catalogued, salvaged, restored and digitized so it will forever be preserved. Imagine the historical significance if film, even silent film, had it been around to document the building of the Pyramids, the great wall, the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the crucifixion of Christ, Noah and the flood, Columbus's voyage, painting of the Sistine chapel, the black plague, Marco Polo and Captain Cooks voyages, Darwin's voyage of discovery, fall of the Roman Empire and so much more. Would our history and it's textbook tell a different story. And this underlin3s a contemporary issue, accurate and truthful reporting of events happening today. Without spin, agenda or bias, without fake news, will generations to come be able to truly discern the truth of events happening today or over the past 50 years ? Remember, history is written by the victors, or by those in power and control. Nevertheless, a fascinating look at events on Saipan during the height of WW2 in the Pacific. Turn the page…….

  6. Finished Finnish says:

    Silence makes this film more unnervingly raw.
    The victory at pacific documentary’s heroic comments and swelling loud orchestra music.

  7. Juan Garcia says:

    great historical footage keep up the good work

  8. 2:40 those mines look like uncooked jiffy pop.

  9. wtfbuddy1 says:

    Don't know where you find these historical footage's but I wanted to say "thank You" and keep the footage coming as this needs to be preserved. Great work

  10. deadnerves says:

    and i was just today reading about this battle…great timing 🙂

  11. 20alphabet says:

    Alot of caves in Saipan. I found a pearl handled hara-kiri knife in in one in 1945.

  12. Charles Moore says:

    11:56 Can anyone explain the significance of this scene?

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