RAW COMBAT FOOTAGE – AC-130 and APACHE – Must Watch! 18+

This is some of the best footage I have come across, greatly enhanced by the extremely enthusiatic American crews! The joys of loving your work….

A mixture of AC-130 gunship and Apache helicopter FLIR footage taking out Taliban forces.

This video is graphic in content, view at your own discretion.

MORE TO COME, there’s always more!

28 thoughts on “RAW COMBAT FOOTAGE – AC-130 and APACHE – Must Watch! 18+

  1. DangerMouSe says:

    nice precision, great teams🎯🌲
    1:20 I'm sure there's a good reason the audio was muted there😂 Certain celebratory banter after a great shot can be misunderstood by the general public

  2. Arif Šehić says:

    Like women wherent scary enough sheesh

  3. LB Rambo 562 says:

    The AC-130 is the big brother of the battlefield,just when you think your platoon is overwhelmed here comes the 105mm ,40mm and Gatling gun at 70,000 ft, murica 🇺🇸

  4. damn there body parts were flying like 100 feet in the air thats wild

  5. [kills people]
    Tree fell! Hohooo! Timbeeeeeer!

  6. Turbo Fish says:

    That female voice you hear would be a wise google search. She was promoted this year.

  7. Derp Jiggle says:

    “Ohwa timber” best line of the year

  8. Jacob Grimes says:


  9. Gibby Gibson says:

    Thanks for the assist Warhammer.

  10. CrimZon RayZ says:

    Jeez there are a lot of military experts in this comment section its like they’ve almost been in one and done this for there job

  11. A.I. the SIGNAL says:

    "A woman…" – Solid Snake 😐

  12. Xxparkerzx9xX Parker says:

    4:42 they really got hit markers

  13. Kill those dirty fuckers!

  14. Using black hot instead of white hot is like using lightmode in discord. Shame on these gunners

  15. Paidi O'Tailliuir says:

    Is it shoots from a helicopter that's been used? Also why do the shots not match up with the crosshairs on the video

  16. That shit bugs me when they won’t shoot and have to ask 20 ppl if so

  17. Beanos Meanos says:

    What happened to 18+ ?

  18. BordieBronze says:

    An AC-130 ay? I haven't worked with one of those in a while.

  19. Ken Havens says:

    I think this is a simulation or video game. There are better videos from real engagements.

  20. Mercennary says:

    looks like an Army OP . makes for great video . Marines version would be under two minutes for shitty video but a great nights sleep 🙂

  21. Naim Forde says:

    Tax dollars going to work

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