Rare Vietnam War Footage

Rare Vietnam War Footage

44 thoughts on “Rare Vietnam War Footage

  1. das phantom jay says:

    my grandpa was in nam and i gave him a 45 and he had a flash bad and shot the hole in the wall

  2. James Oppy says:

    A day be without blood is like a day without sunshine

  3. James Oppy says:

    Screaming eagles are just badass

  4. Brent Barker says:

    My grandpa was in this war and he is still alive

  5. Kast Awaits says:

    My grandfather dug tunnels and increased his kill count on the unsuspecting American boys he was sniping. He only had an SKS carbine rifle and a pocket full of his rice cakes. Greetings from Hanoi. πŸšπŸŒΎπŸ‡»πŸ‡³β˜ οΈβš”οΈ

  6. Just An Italian With A Dream says:

    I gotta say this is really interesting and this is coming from an english teen male

  7. Rachel woods says:

    I am only 29 years old, born in northern WV. I am shaking. What you men (then kids) have endured is just wild. I love veterans! Every time I see a vet in public, I shake their hand or give them a hug. You are all my friends. May God bless you.

  8. michael dudley says:

    "The rice crop is saved" πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ like that had ANYTHING to do with "rice crop" ……. Jesus

  9. American goverment are lossers

  10. Jeanette Seep says:

    my grandpa was in this war in 1970 he was a marine . I will be a marine one day

  11. Jeff Short says:

    52,000 brave young men and women died for nothing .. but thank God the rice paddies were saved ..

  12. We were fighting for rice patties?

  13. WoodsLore Shady says:

    So.6th grade movie time?..i can invision the sound of movie projector..Click click click…Video SUCKED

  14. bugsta2012 says:

    Shoulda never been there for a politicians war,fkn kids were old enough to fight in the south and were doing shit but riding their fkn scooters and enjoying their freedom, yea sure some were fighting but as the youth got older they didn’t give a fk about anything but themselves and a lot being spy’s as our youth were dying ,fkn shame,glad we had brave soldiers looking out for their brothers for the time they were there

  15. leon mc pilibin says:

    Wars for Banksters.

  16. aponk aponko says:

    what rare idiot…

  17. nefer titi says:

    Emblem of freedom……hahaha

  18. Tahir Rana says:

    It's just a hollywood hoax!

  19. US military with much more advanced fire power and technology… still lost the war to Vietnam. I am not a big fan of communism anyways, but I don't wanna see western soldiers messing around in MY country. Yes, lots of Viets were killed but we got your final goal in the end, which is what matters πŸ™‚

  20. To halt the spread of communism…nowadays there is only about 1 or 2 countries that have a communist economy. Oh, well, that threat is gone but we have a NEW! IMPROVED! threat that will never go away- the threat of terrorism. Perfect. That should last forever. Daesh have accomplished their mission: spread fear.

  21. Such a fucking waste of American lives. Fuck Nixon.

  22. Chayanosky 90 says:

    That's beautiful. The enemy is the country of the people defending it, and we are the goods one.

  23. Patravich O'brienski says:

    Imagine a healthy young man aged 20 going out to foregin country to kill other people he's never met and in the process gets his own body wrecked and spends the rest of his life in a wheelchair because the officers and the bosses tell him it's a good idea and pin a medal upon his wretched body? No way. Never would I ever agree to throw my life away in that fashion for a crowd of wealthy cunts who'd never put their own sons lives on the line. When will young men ever see the light and stop throwing their lives away like this? If anyone disagrees with what I've wrote I'd advise that person to view that excellent movie starring Tom cruise…..born on the forth of July. That movie explains everything about tha pure evil that war really is

  24. What have Americans learned from Vietnam? Fuck all it seems. Such are the exigencies of empire!

  25. Anthony Raymond says:

    Good men got used up so Wall Street could get rich! Grrrrrrr
    Gulf of Tonkin Incident was just one of the many lies and they shot JFK down like a dog to get their way….Grrrrrrr!

  26. Reem Racks says:

    This war was obviously not popular but IMO… Better dead than red!

  27. Can u smell the sweet, sweet propaganda???

  28. Atrumoris says:

    Funny, narrator calls Vietnamese soldiers ''infestation'' and ''disease'' in their own country, their own jungles…

  29. Goldenrod Willy says:

    nam pussy is horizontal.

  30. Alan Tejada says:

    Crazy to think this war wouldn't even have been fought if the US hadn't allied itself with the USSR during WWII, by doing this they allowed communism to keep growing, as where if they had aided Germany, communism would've died out, therefore there wouldn't be no Cold War, no Vietnam war, and no Korean War, which resulted in us having to put up with Kim Jong Um's nuclear threats today.

  31. Justin Sane says:

    they were no threat to the usa ,so why were we there ….beats me ….

  32. Kokaneekid Chuck says:

    my uncle don was there hes gone now but he will always be in my heart

  33. Austin Michael says:

    I smell dead communist

  34. Bobby Jo Cowpoke says:

    My uncle Rich flew bomb missions in a phantom jet in Vietnam.

  35. Danny Rabaut says:

    Vietnam is now a very nice place with friendly people .. I like it πŸ‘

  36. GeoBuff1968 says:

    This isn't rare… this is "The Screaming Eagles in Vietnam" episode on The Big Picture

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