Super rare vietnam war footage.

15 thoughts on “RARE VIETNAM WAR FOOTAGE! 100% REAL!

  1. Braeden Ortner says:

    Yeah this ain’t real first of all you could see the button where you shoot and you see the map on your screen and you’re playing first person when they would be a Guy with the camera and the guns don’t look too good

  2. nice like disslike ratio "trym"

  3. fan e dette. Hadde de gopro iden tiå

  4. Tore Navn says:

    Hehe kjempetøft.
    Knib Håvar Eriksen

  5. Trym Høyland says:

    Words of wisdom rigth here

  6. eimantas nekrosius says:

    dude its a game on pc its called battlefield vietnam

  7. HansChrist says:

    Omg! is dis fo real???

  8. mdmothman says:

    LOL, whatever. You act like your opinion matters. Seriously, you act like hating is gonna make a difference and end the fandom. Now, I have to go, I have better things to do then hate against something for no reason.

  9. Trym Høyland says:

    You smell like pony shit

  10. mdmothman says:

    Get a life you hater. I could care less about a hater like you, but seriously, all your doing is making your self look like an idiot. i'm done here

  11. Trym Høyland says:

    Make sure too subrscribe too my channel for more videos :). From now on i will upload in HD 😀

  12. Karthik Gowtham says:

    Same as my bfv

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