Rare Footage of Civil War Veterans Doing the Rebel Yell

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In this exclusive clip from the 1930s, Confederate veterans step up to the mic and let out their version of the fearsome rallying cry.

40 thoughts on “Rare Footage of Civil War Veterans Doing the Rebel Yell


    Hard to believe we can see and hear veterans from a war fought 150 years ago.

  2. BAYAREADRONES com says:

    whooping aint gunna stop fed grape no wonder they lost

  3. James Edmonds says:

    Living for today is a life of slavery in itself. Remembering the past and the attempt of freedom shouldn't be forgotten. The civil war turned all man into slaves.

  4. That sounds ridiculous lol

  5. John Craft says:

    Being from the south and having family who fought for the Confederate Staes. Hearing this gives me a chill.

  6. Bromptonboy says:

    Amazing glimpse into history. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Grymmorgan says:

    In the midnight hour…they want more, more, more. O.o

  8. alexander thompson says:

    he was a proud soldier in the german army not a nazi as most people believe ,he did his duty with courage whether he was on the winning side or not, be proud of him.

  9. Odinspirit says:

    These were a heartier people. It would have been great to have shaken their hands. They were roughly the same age at that time as our WWII vets are now.

  10. Dave Hanson says:

    Hell, these guys were MAYBE 16 or 17 during the war of NORTHERN AGGRESSION

  11. buddylarsen says:

    There is another recording –it seems legit. Plus, it's been looped and variated in a seperate example, into a company-sized unit.

    search [ good old rebel yell recording ]

    (i can't seem to post the URL)

    I've read that regiments had their own variations, and would compete with nearby units to raise the best ruckus. The effect on a long battle line would be a rolling yell up and down the line. Mercy! No wonder so much interest persisted long after the war!

  12. AccordingToChase says:

    They seem like such gentlemen. This is so interesting!

  13. All the world's a stage says:

    I imagine when they were younger, it had more fluctuations, but when they got older, they couldn't do it, like how an old singer cant hit the high notes anymore

  14. DickButt2020 says:

    charge em' boys, charge em'!

  15. Georges Grandcoin Dutoit says:

    Thanks! i didn't think i would hear the real Rebell Yell one day!

  16. basilone12 says:

    I'm a battered black hat of the union Iron Brigade, we have the hats but damn I wish we had a yell even close to this one!

  17. Irene Adler says:

    I would say that these men in the video all appear approx 80-85 years old. This film clip belongs to the Smithsonian. They document sources very carefully. Buy it.

  18. Good for you. You are right. I am a Northerner but lived a bit in the south. The winners wrote the history books. Did you know that the war of 1812 was fought because we invaded Canada? Most think it was because of British Shanghaiing. The fight is ever between urban people and rural people. It still is today. Our country is disintegrating due to this, to this very day. It will cause our next civil war. Unless a yankee lives in the south, he will never understand this, IMAO.

  19. The average age of a soldier in the Civil War was 25, but there were an estimated 100,000 or so under the age of 15. Recruitment was typically limited to those at least age 18, but children as young as 8 served. They weren't always official enlisters, though a few were at age 12. Those younger typically lied on their army applications.

  20. nimrodius says:

    From a video of old men screeching, I can only imagine befuddlement.

  21. TheTourmaline57 says:

    Give it a rest.The civil war is over and only ghosts remain.Slavery was abolished, no matter what catalyst ended it..Be thankful.Live for today.

  22. Erick Eckberg says:

    I don't know…. if this was shot in the 30's, that would make it at least 65 years after the ending of the Civil War…. that would make all those guys at least 80 years old, if they were 15, in 1865…. I don't think I buy it.

  23. Waled Rashed says:

    This isn't the Rebel Yell, where's Billy Idol?

  24. fishblades says:

    The Rebel yell is nothing more than what most of these folks used to communicate in their small towns across swamps and bayous. Jerry Clower the Comedian is basically doing Rebel yells when he talks about communicating with his friend on Racoon hunts.

  25. John Gilbert says:

    The war was not fought over slavery. It was fought over unlawful taxation of Southern cotton. The first thing the Confederate Congress did was free the slaves in 1861. The US freed them in 1863. If it was fought over slavery, what were the 1st 2 years fought over?

  26. MickHornbak says:

    There's something so mysterious about that yell, man. It's so raw and full of soul.

  27. Al Martinez says:

    I respect, honor and admire these men who fought the Yankees (The United States Government) when they came down and trampled on Southern rights. They did not stand back and let the US government get away with that. Unlike today that our US Government violate our civil liberties in defense of big corporations. Hence the Patriot Act was passed and police are more aggressive towards common people. The south should rise again!

  28. ostuffman says:

    I disrespect those men, I think they're despicable. You don't deserve respect from people just because you're a soldier. The nazis were soldiers, but I don't respect any of them.

  29. No one has any right to disrespect the men in this clip. Their views may have been flawed by your own point of view, but by theirs it was right. A soldier is a soldier and deserves the respect of the people of the land. You may disagree for the reasons of a war or the need for soldiers, but in America it is the soldier who allows you to picket and say war is wrong. I was born a Yankee and raised a Peach. I love the South's history.

  30. oscarfish38 says:

    Great bit of history on film. Very rare.

  31. Curling12341 says:

    And the end of the Ken Burns series, they had a clip of 1930's archival footage (70th anniversary of Gettysburg) of Confederate soldiers shaking hands with Union soldiers at a wooden fence (ending area of Picket's Charge?). Some of the rebel soldiers gave a short "rebel yell" (shouts and "whoop-whoop-whoop" sounds). One of the rebel soldiers said "That's the rebel yell".

  32. Jacob Tyler says:

    Octogenarians every one of them and they still hadn't lost their fighting spirit. 🙂

  33. this is great. thanks for posting

  34. CaptainFuckingCody says:

    They still had the spirit in em. Makes me proud.

  35. waynetube58 says:

    Looks like WAaaHOOo WHO EEEEEEeeeeee is it and the higher the better. It's a good thing to learn. Reenactors take heed.

  36. songofonions says:

    Higher pitched than i thought it would be. Shelby Foote wrote that they brought a confederate in to record his rebel yell and he stated in short, "you cant. It is something that happens when men have been living on parched corn, apples being tired and thirsty".The exact quote evades me .Thank you for the upload and thank you smithsonian.

  37. no fear.we used minnie ball bullets,not bayonets..imagine the fear of say,settlers as screaming apache's or sioux as they converged upon their wagons

  38. PrecisionGaming says:

    Wow! Creepy!

  39. Courtney Ann says:

    All this time- I've been giving the Yell and did'nt realize, I needed to move my arms:(

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