r/CombatFootage top posts of all time

I compiled the top posts of r/CombatFootage. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “r/CombatFootage top posts of all time

  1. Patrick Kelly says:

    What fucking retarted music to play with the video

  2. RussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussia

  3. RussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussia

  4. Iron Dome clips will always be spooky.

  5. Josh McDonald says:

    I love the music! It's so casual while there's so much crazyness going on! keep em coming!

  6. Ebumbaya ' says:

    Your freaking lounge music is completely inappropriate

  7. ItsTrilby says:

    Dont touch those logan comments, bad shit happens trust me

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