P-51 Mustang with WWII Footage

National Warplane Museum
Wings of Eagles Air Show 1989

P-51 Mustang

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24 thoughts on “P-51 Mustang with WWII Footage

  1. Beautiful.. we used to fly them down under.. Thanks from NZ ✈️🇳🇿

  2. Robert Ansley says:

    What is the function of the scoop below the plane far aft of the engine?

  3. A Good Christian Pilot says:

    back when it was only half a million dollars…. oh what a time it would've been!

  4. captain peyton says:

    The greatest aircraft in ww2 by the US but yet it entered late into the war

  5. garyseeseverything says:

    The p51d was late to the party, nobody cares. The real war took place before 1943

  6. chris miller says:

    riptide on runway
    and to think if they did
    it right these planes did
    take out me 262's

  7. Brian Kenny says:

    P-51 "fully restored for as much as half a million dollars" lol, I'll take 2 at that price.

  8. garyseeseverything says:

    German luftwaffe was busy on the eastern front, so what did the p51 shoot down? Hardly nothing, kills we’re lies plus me109e,g, and k were superior

  9. Fuel tank had an air tight rubber bladder inside that eliminated asperated fuel in the tank exploding. Genius.

  10. Brian Todd says:

    Hell I will be the first to comment. One hell of a plane. I was in the army in Iraq but some reason I love this plane. And I'm scared to fly. I love everything about flying but scared to. Don't know why. But there's something about this plane that just fascinates me. Just saying.

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