Outriders Guide – All Legendary Weapons In The Demo | Stats, Appearance & Combat Gameplay

We’ve collected footage of ALL legendary weapons available in the Outriders demo and we’re bringing it to you in one convenient showcase! If you’re curious about the legendary weapons that are available in the demo version Outriders, we’ve got all the info including stats, appearance and combat gameplay for all ten. Of course, there will be many more legendaries in the full version of Outriders, but this guide should fill you in on any you’ve missed in the demo and give you a taste of what’s to come!

Special thanks to supporter and community member Polyz for collecting all of these weapons and providing us with the footage!

0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Aerie Master (Legendary Pump Action Shotgun)
1:57 – Amber Vault (Legendary Double Gun)
2:58 – Golem’s Limb (Legendary Pump Action Shotgun)
3:47 – Grim Marrow (Legendary Light Machine Gun)
4:33 – The Iceberg (Legendary Bolt Action Rifle)
5:38 – The Migraine (Legendary Submachine Gun)
6:30 – Raróg’s Gaze (Legendary Rifle)
7:34 – Thunderbird (Legendary Assault Rifle)
8:25 – Torment & Agony (Legendary Pistols)
9:20 – Voodoo Matchmaker (Legendary Assault Rifle)

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Video outro music: The Giddyup Kid Rap by Ashininity (uses elements licensed under Creative Commons licenses; see description at https://youtu.be/otQIT5B1h5o for attributions)