Operation Wandering Soul – Vietnam War

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It’s the night of February 10th, 1970, and Viet Cong soldiers are hiding deep within the Hau Niga Province in South Vietnam. Suddenly, funeral music and shrill whines are heard blasting from the U.S. Army’s Fire Support Base Chamberlain.

These sounds weren’t really the sounds of a Vietnamese soldier moaning from the beyond. However, it was meant to pass as such. The audio was fabricated by U.S. forces as part of a psychological warfare strategy called Operation Wandering Soul. The objective was to terrorize the enemies and force them to flee from their position.

Some American soldiers agree it’s likely the Viet Cong saw right through the ruse. However, it still managed to demoralize and terrify not only the enemy but also U.S. forces.

Wandering Soul is one fascinating example of the psychological operations the United States implemented during the Vietnam War.

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37 thoughts on “Operation Wandering Soul – Vietnam War

  1. The translation for wandering soul is actually really creepy, if I were VC, I would just nope outta there

  2. When I was in Vietnam I found out about the digging up of the dead after 2 years & bone stripping & re-burial. Any country that thinks they can beat a country where the population does this, is stupid.

  3. It’d be creepy if this was included in some future call of duty Vietnam game

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  5. Anand Nair says:

    If you dont treat the common people well, you will loose the war, no matter how powerful you are or what else you do.

  6. KHSimages dotcom says:

    Couldn't the US gov't have actually just developed S. Vietnam into a thriving successful country and offered the same to the North with real dollars? It worked in W. Germany, S. Korea, Japan and the Philippines.

  7. Roblox Central Intelligence Agency (1960s) says:

    Not even the Vietcong:
    American Forces: Ah, yes.
    Enslave voices of the damned.

  8. Back home america army uses story of big foot and slender man to keep people out of the wood where they have military operation and research,

  9. Robert Maybeth says:

    Hey OP can you do a Dark Doc about "Operation Eldest Son"? This was a SOG operation where US recon troops would find enemy weapons caches and leave a few rounds that had been booby trapped beforehand, and the ammo would blow up when fired. The idea was to make the enemy mistrust their Chinese supplied ammo.

  10. Michael Gabriel says:

    The VC just need to find the source of the sound…. Kaboom goes the speakers.
    The VC should play the alahhuakbar in response… 😂😂

  11. Kelly Hagerman says:

    It's all fun and games to make fun of a mix tape on the internet but in the 60s in Vietnam when it's very hard to get access to sound media, those tapes could scare the crap out of guys. It wasn't that successful but it's easy to see why psyops would be interested in it, accessing the part of the brain that isn't rational to stop the enemy from fighting is a better alternative to killing everyone. Great idea, not the best execution and unintended consequences.

  12. I'm watching this in the mid of the day and I feel shivering down my spine

  13. Tobi Jones says:

    No mention of Hanoi Hannah? this video is incomplete without it

  14. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    you want Dark ..watch the documentary 4 hours in My Lai(about the My Lai Massacre) and do a video on it,they raped little kids ….dark stuff…

  15. R A Clark says:

    Meanwhile the rock apes were just trying to get everyone to shut the hell up.

  16. Michael Fox says:

    We have alot to learn from Vietnam.
    We will be using those techniques in our civil war

  17. Minh Xù Gaming says:

    It's vietnam if tree speak vietnamese, soil speak ghost and sky speak fortunate son

  18. one time i played this audio over a hacked speaker in an asian houshold and i think i scared he shit out of them

  19. Gothboi Theo says:

    Hukbalahap is an acronym, the full sentence in philippino means "the nation's army against Japan".

    I think you mean Aswang, which indeed was a made up creature the CIA made to scare the people in the philippines

  20. Theres a great short film on the channel (omelet) i think thats how they spell it

  21. fabio sunspot says:

    This was a war that was up close and personal, the Vietnam war could not be won by conventional means but to risk nuclear weapons would mean ww3, the us could of feed every American for one year with the money wasted in that war🤔

  22. i wonder if this was before they realize most of them were underground tunnels…

  23. I don’t get it. Did we have so little respect for the VC that we actually thought they would buy this childish bullshit.? Smells like McNamara in here.

  24. Tony Martinez says:

    This a new trend in this planet that advertisements are included in the video so viewers will not skip them . Lol ! Thumbs down .

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