Operation Wandering Soul – Vietnam War

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It’s the night of February 10th, 1970, and Viet Cong soldiers are hiding deep within the Hau Niga Province in South Vietnam. Suddenly, funeral music and shrill whines are heard blasting from the U.S. Army’s Fire Support Base Chamberlain.

These sounds weren’t really the sounds of a Vietnamese soldier moaning from the beyond. However, it was meant to pass as such. The audio was fabricated by U.S. forces as part of a psychological warfare strategy called Operation Wandering Soul. The objective was to terrorize the enemies and force them to flee from their position.

Some American soldiers agree it’s likely the Viet Cong saw right through the ruse. However, it still managed to demoralize and terrify not only the enemy but also U.S. forces.

Wandering Soul is one fascinating example of the psychological operations the United States implemented during the Vietnam War.

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