Operation Muscatine (198th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division) – Vietnam War (

Abstract: Approx. 600′: USAF 0-1 aircraft flies over, dives and fires rockets at Vietcong positions in jungle. 0-1 flies instantly over the digicam. VS, soldier cleans M-16 rifle. Soldier speaks over radio as he reclines on the bottom. Soldier sleeping. Officer eats grapefruit. Troopers stroll down hillside. Troopers crouch; advance on hut. Troopers cross rice paddy. Troopers with rifles on the prepared stroll on path. Troopers wade waist-deep throughout canal. Officer speaks over radio as he checks map. Troopers watch in fg as demolition costs explode in tunnel advanced. Troopers look at harm to tunnel attributable to the demolition. Extra explosions in tunnels. UH-1D takes off. AVs, campsite, village, flooded rice paddies. Soldier opens crates containing explosives. LSs, UH-1Bs firing rockets at Vietcong positions. Demolition explosions in tunnels. Soldier checks ID papers of lady. Youngsters look on. Two girls sitting on floor. Villagers being rounded up. Soldier along with his head protruding from tunnel. He locations articles present in tunnel on floor. Articles are checked. Soldier enters tunnel. Soldier probes flooring of tunnel with bayonet as he crawls ahead. Troopers cross a lifeless Vietcong alongside path. Troopers enter wrecked village. Rice is dumped. Villagers stroll to meeting space in clearing. Soldier at tunnel entrance. Villagers sitting on the bottom. Troopers verify their belongings. CUs, youngsters sitting with villagers.
Nationwide Archives Identifier: 32834
Native Identifier: 111-LC-54555
This merchandise av paperwork the time interval:1/19/1968 – 1/23/1968