Operation Highjump Task Force 68 – Admiral Byrd Antarctic Expedition (1946-47) Reel 2

111 ADC 7223-1 Signal Corps ADC 7223 SOURCE: AFCF (US Navy) FILM: ARCH & APC MP 577′ ea Silent
BYRD ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1946-47 Operation Hi-Jump Task Force 68 (No Captions) AV, Antarctic wastes. Animated map of area from Ross Shelf to Wendell Sea. LS, building at Little America; windstorm blowing.MS, Commander Richard E. Byrd in one of the buildings at Little America going over charts with some of the men.VS, C-47 (RF4) equipped with skis moving over the iceLS, RV, as the plane lifts off ground. Scene of C-47 (RF4) making jet-assisted take-off, camp at Little America.Small body of water surrounded on three sides by ice. Plane equipped with skis landing; smudge pots going on field.LS as a man with flag signals in plane. MS, Admiral Byrd getting out of plane and shaking hands with Adm Richard H Cruzens. MS, Adm Byrd talking to one of the men. MS, Adm Byrd posing with five other men.Men unloading camera plate holders from plane.Int., men checking panorama photographs.Pan, box of supplies stacked on ice.Few men walking about in scene.LS, men carrying boxes from the supply dump to trench.Men in trench which will be used for storage, setting boxes in place.