Operation Highjump Task Force 68 – Admiral Byrd Antarctic Expedition (1946-47) Reel 1

Signal Corps
ADC 7221 SOURCE: AFCF (US Navy) FILM: ARCH & APC MP 626′ ea Silent
BYRD ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1946-47 Operation Hi-Jump Task Force 68 (No Captions) LS, two LVTs standing on ice. Men are clearing away snow from one of the vehicles. Byrd comes in and addresses the men. FS, LVT carrying an American flag moving over the ice. LVT, pulling a sled during windstorm. Pan, Antarctic wastes. Three vessels anchored in the ice. MS, stern of the icebreaker Northwind as propellers are started. Cut to men releasing line from ice. Scenes of the icebreaker moving out.LS, snow-covered rock formations and ice-covered field, photographed from vessel.
(Cont)Operation Hi-Jump (Cont)Task Force 68 (Cont)(No Captions)LS, one of the ships of the expedition at sea. Part of the deck is used for storing planes. LSs, boat putting out from vessel to rescue officer who had fallen into the sea.Shot aboard the vessel as the rescued man is hoisted in lifeboat