Operation Hailstone US Navy Attacks Truk Island Naval Action Aerial Combat Footage WW2 w/ Sound

Operation Hailstone US Navy planes raid Japanese at Truk Lagoon / Island. Newsreel video with sound of World War 2 naval air attack by F6F Hellcat, TBF Avenger, and SBD Dauntless carrier based aircraft on Truk (aka: Chuuk) Lagoon on February 16 & 17, 1944. This attack has often been referred to as the Japanese Pearl Harbor. A lot of great gun camera footage to go along with the action from the Navy cameramen aboard some of the planes.

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34 thoughts on “Operation Hailstone US Navy Attacks Truk Island Naval Action Aerial Combat Footage WW2 w/ Sound

  1. IchMagEssen13 says:

    3:18 the pilot jumps out but was doomed either way

  2. Jiyu Shugi says:

    Those interested in reading a Japanese pilot's account of the attack on Pearl Harbor should read 'The Miraculous Torpedo Squadron' by Juzo Mori on Amazon Kindle. Only recently translated into English, Mori's autobiography gives a vivid account of life in pre-war Japan, training to become a pilot, flying in China, training for and carrying out the attack on Pearl Harbor, his role in the attacks on Wake, Midway and Guadalcanal, and more. A must read for students of the Pacific war.

  3. Cloud Wind says:

    4:10 If US plane gets closer, how can this Japanese destroyer not shoot him down?

  4. Christopher Eustaquio says:

    Hi My Name is Christopher Eustaquio I’m a videographer out of Chuuk and we just celebrated the 76th Anniversary of operation Hail Stone. I was wondering if I could use some of your footage for our Chuuk Visitors Bureau Video.

  5. Александр Ифалов says:

    Великая битва, великая победа героев. Тихий океан принадлежит Америке по праву!

  6. Isprikitik burkabush says:

    Aside from Operation Ten-go I think is this is the most one sided naval battle in modern history jesus christ

  7. Super Ficial says:

    If ending WW2 didn't bring peace to the world then we need to keep politicians out of the wight house ! We desperately need poets and philosophers !

  8. Jan Stuchl says:

    if the hydroplane flies downwards you did your job since pylons > rudder

  9. bipola telly says:

    "Suicidal attacks" ?
    I think he meant "brave attacks".
    Msm has always been fakenews.

  10. Odent Traipser says:

    Typical American propaganda. I'm not saying the attack didn't happen and it wasn't successful, but listen to the language. You'd think the US was the only allied country in the war.

  11. Never let the truth get in the way of a good propaganda newsreel!

  12. Dan Zervos says:

    I wonder if any of this footage is of Truk Island.

  13. Pete Nelson says:

    The narration gives me a chubber

  14. Ha, that's what I noticed was the P-47.

  15. Marko Grönfors says:

    Propaganda shit

  16. geoff dearth says:

    The US did them a favor by dropping the 2 A bombs on them. What do you think the Japanese would have done had the tables been turned? Would they have exercised "magnanimity" after having won? I don't think so.

  17. fanatamon says:

    The Navy will accommodate them haha. Pure bliss watching this.

  18. To all your armchair historians…this is a propaganda film and no one gave two fucks about accuracy of the planes or where the actual battle was…just that the enemy was being blown to hell….so stfu already and enjoy the carnage

  19. WilliamDMason says:


  20. flysafer01 says:

    B-25s were also in this but you have to watch a different video than this with the same scenes to find that out.

  21. William Orr says:

    Here lets us help mix your rice and saki up.

  22. Daniel Stetson says:

    Curios editing at 4:12: A P_47 Thunderbolt with lowered gear and can drop tank.

  23. Nigel 900 says:

    117 enemy sympathizers gave a resounding thumbs down…..

  24. Sonny Lenon Antoni says:

    Yank people suicide war macine not Cool…

  25. russell brown says:

    The Japanese knew what was coming, but there was no concept of "strategic withdrawal" in their military philosophy.

  26. iblockpuncheswithmyface says:

    04:11 Damn!! they just hammered that boat.

  27. Charles Cosimano says:

    And the Oscar for the most repetitive use of stock footage and worst narration goes to…

  28. AgainstTheSystem .ATS says:

    US pushes Japan into a corner then they serve them Pearl Harbour.And that's how the average american was fed with the Japanese infamy attack of PH.And there goes the peoples choose to neutrality.And the douchbags from power do what they want every time.

  29. Grumman F6F Hellcat.

    February 16th 1944. Alexander Vraciu, 2 air kills in 45 seconds.

  30. Eric Schultheis says:

    Let it be a lesson for ant country who think they can invade or start a war with us cuz we are like a sleeping giant when awaken!

  31. "The task force beats-off every threat from the skies." Gross!

  32. 1500 rounds fired at ship….10 hits.

  33. Luther Smith says:

    It amazes me is how much propaganda the Japanese gave to their people and they believed it. Just like propaganda today you see on ABC NBC CBS CNN and fox News.

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