Oops: Somali Pirates Mistakenly Attack Navy Warship In The Dark

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In one of the most bone-headed fails ever recorded, Somali pirates attempt to hijack a vessel in the dark only to find out that their chosen target is a US Navy warship.

The sailors return fire with small arms and the pirates attempt to flee. At one point in the video, you an see one of the pirate skiffs on fire and the buccaneers jump overboard.

33 thoughts on “Oops: Somali Pirates Mistakenly Attack Navy Warship In The Dark

  1. ThistleDewOutdoors says:

    That's all they got ? I'd think that with all that technology – at least all them.boats would've been sunk…..

  2. Tormentr Malphus says:

    Wow the navy has some really really bad shots

  3. Dawg their aim was worse than my aim at 2am if you know what I mean

  4. This is like shooting a nerf gun at the death star

  5. Á Coruña says:

    Put the Benny Hill music on this for more laughs

  6. Michael Jones says:

    Pirates are evil… I understand they live in poverty but I've read many stories of people being murdered over engines… 🙁

  7. justin case says:

    Respect from Ethiopia 🇪🇹

  8. tripodalt says:

    this demonstrae how a state of art heavy warship is weak even at self defence against unarmed fishing boat let alone hypersonic missile in storm weather

  9. Mikyle Le Roux says:

    These guys thought they were fishing for Tuna but hooked The Kraken instead!!

  10. Most people would figure out it's a Navy ship pretty fast…The big ass gun on the front is usually a dead give away! Apparently these pirates didn't get the memo….They're probably not Harvard material these fellas! 🤪

  11. Bulbazoth says:

    Ilhan Omar's divorced cousins

  12. I’d like to see the warship engage those fuckers with the phalanx CIWS

  13. BugZpattenaude says:

    Should have wasted every last one of those little bitch pirates!!

  14. I breathe Napalm says:

    I wish I could see their faces. Imagine, driving your boat to a vessel thinking its a cargo ship then seeing a 127mm naval gun, missiles, and machine guns pointing at you.

  15. I breathe Napalm says:

    100mm naval gun: "Yes, finally. Free target practice."

    Ka-chunk ka-chunk sounds intensifies

  16. Blitz Alex says:

    Serenity. Beautiful.

  17. Daryl Johnson says:

    How to die in 1 easy step: attack a war ship on a dinghy

  18. Source One News says:

    The look on there face when the 30mm starts flying , we wanted gold not Lead !!

  19. Shooting Democrat voters.

  20. Peter Terry says:

    Polish Somali pirates

  21. Brian Birtcher says:

    They need to work on their aim

  22. jeff meme says:

    now that i think about it naval guns and the ciws kinda have shit depression

  23. Pirates in fairytales:Sword

    Actual pirates:Guns

  24. Badcat Gatomalo says:

    Talk about accuracy. I see tons of munitions wasted before they finally hit the lowly target. I'm pretty sure the gunners are storm troopers in disguise.

  25. DarkestVampire92 says:

    I don't care how dark it is, how do you not see the cannons on the deck?!

  26. Three bullets out of forty thousand hit.

  27. Jonathan Tran says:

    Lol i heard some sea stories about these ops, cool to see videos about these

  28. thegooddoctor2009 says:

    Is it sad to say I wanted the 5 inch guns to open up on the pirates?

  29. Bryon Kibildis says:

    Run awayyyy run awayyyyyy

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