Onboard As Battleship KMS Scharnhorst & KMS Gneisenau Sink HMS Glorious WW2

WWII footage of naval combat action at sea of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine vs. Royal Navy ships. Battle film with sound from aboard the German battleship / battlecruiser KMS Scharnhorst as she and KMS Gneisenau engage in the sinking of the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and her two escorting destroyers, Acasta and Ardent. You are in the middle of the action in this video clip from the World War II German propaganda newsreel Die Deutsche Wochenschau. Very intense World War 2 naval battle scenes with sound and big 11 inch (28cm) guns firing. Narrated in German.

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47 thoughts on “Onboard As Battleship KMS Scharnhorst & KMS Gneisenau Sink HMS Glorious WW2

  1. The Injured Toa of Metru nui says:

    I can never remember the abreviation for the german navy

  2. Omg WG really need to fix their matchmaking.

  3. akavitsuma says:

    Does anyone know how many planes went down with the carrier hms glorious when it sank?

  4. Travis Thacker says:

    Damn watching that last Salvo and a 11.1" inch shell Slam completely through the HMS Carrier it was amazing and sad all at the same time. You could see the 5.9" inch secondaries exploding in the air around the ship too……….they must have run low on AP or HE point detonation fuse or loaded some time fuse on accident maybe. Horrid

  5. Tony smith says:

    Imagine being on the receiving end of that, "broadside after broadside" they showed no mercy. Two escorting destroyers went to the bottom as well as the carrier, thousands died.

  6. The North Atlantic for the Royal Navy was what the South Pacific was for the U.S. NAVY during WWII. Deadly and bloody. And then it turned on the Imperial Navy and the Kriegsmarine.

  7. La Bestia Politica says:

    The fire rate is much faster in real life than in WOWS.

  8. Gino Galea Malta Wedding Photographer says:

    THE SINKING OF HMS GLORIOUS AND THE MALTESE BRAVE MEN WHO LOST THEIR LIVES WHILE SERVING ON IT. A huge shockwave hit Malta on June 8, 1940, with the news that the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious had been sunk with a huge loss of life. Many Maltese ratings were among the dead, and in fact, no Maltese survived the tragedy. The Times of Malta reporting the sinking of HMS Glorious, Ardent and Acasta in June 1940


  9. Lord jimmy Jimbo k30 says:

    My grandad went up against this ship in the navy and survived to tell me the tale before he passed away 🥺

  10. Gaz of-the-North says:

    Admiral Marschall (German Commander aboard Gneisenau) was removed from his position following this battle!.       Why???     Because the German surface fleet was so small, he had orders to avoid enemy action and Scharnhorst was hit by a torpedo which meant she had to spend 6 months in the dockyard being repaired!.

  11. Leumel Postrero says:

    Those salvos gave me chills

  12. Zachary Herrington says:

    Bring the battleship back they belong in the fleet by themselves they are just as vulnerable as an aircraft carrier but they have significant fire power

  13. formerroulette says:

    Mein vater war auf der scharnhorst danach bei der u- boot waffe beides überlebt wurde 96 jahre alt

  14. Travis Thacker says:

    Damn I would have hated to have been on the English Carrier when all that super close range secondary 88mm and 105mm came pouring in and the ever so often 11.1" inch tore bulkheads from frame work and slung sword fish from the hanger deck like paper air planes. Must have been a bad deal for all aboard ship.

  15. armstrong germany says:

    If I am not mistaken there were only around 12 survivors from HMS Glorious picked up by a Norewgian fishing boat. Ironically a powerful British flotilla was not far away and did not come to help or pick up survivors because they were supposedly in the process of evacuating the Norwegian King Hakon to the UK and could not risk being sunk by U-boats. All in all the German surface fleet and later their murderous U-boats were annihilated by the Royal Navy and deseredly so.

  16. Ich finde es schön das es heute noch solche aufnahmen gibt.

  17. Lord King Potato says:

    These we're later hunted and sunk by the Royal Navy

  18. thirteendreams says:

    My Great Uncle William Peters served on that ship. A few days before it set sail on that fateful voyage he had injured his back when he slipped on the flight deck and was taken off ship.

  19. caribbean car channel says:

    Denn wir fahren gegen Engeland…

  20. Rob Henry says:

    That's the power of German engineering.

  21. Michael Franklin says:

    Strange parallel to the fate of HMAS Sydney vs Kormoran. Inexperienced new Captain, no use of the floatplane to scout the raider, utter recklessness in closing the gap when Sydney could've smashed Kormoran with longer ranging 6.1" guns. Many of Sydney's horror stricken sailors were mowed down racing to their gun positions by Kormoran's 20mm secondary battery. What a tragic fate for the namesake of a WW1 cruiser that decisively sank the killer SMS Emden.

  22. Zali M. Ali says:

    11inch guns(seriously, they should have been refitted with 15" guns as planned). Imagine if the guns of the Yamato had actually hit home during the Battle of Samar.

  23. Pnanasnoic says:

    The last people to openly oppose the tyranny.

  24. British admiralty : OMG the Glorious has been sunk !
    Lord Nelson : Hold my Victory

  25. Mudhut Productions says:

    Tiny human beings building giant machines and then pitting them against each other. Nothing is ever personal in naval engagements. The Sea does not discriminate.

  26. When a CV rushes towards B

  27. Andrew Rolfe says:

    WW2 Nazi Germany warships DID NOT USE KMS. They were simply called by their name. If you are so intent on getting it right then please do so and DO NOT use KMS.

  28. diese schwarze woke 😀 Da sind heutige kreuzfahrtschiffe wahrscheinlich noch umweltfreundlich gegen

  29. evilirnoob says:

    It's always nice seeing perfidious albions being sent to hell.

  30. Chocolat-kun says:

    How did HMS Glorious not see the Scharnhorst?

  31. excavator258 says:

    5:59 direct hit..poor crew.pure massacre

  32. eugene awimbo says:


  33. thoroughbred 5000 says:


  34. Scotty Too hotty says:

    The Germans actually thought that as the USA/Canada/UK came east into Germany, that we would join hands with them and what was left of the Wehrmacht and help them fight the Soviets…..which is def what we SHOULD have done, that’s what Patton and Churchill wanted to do, but we had a socialist like Roosevelt, and the French had more communists than the Russians did.

  35. TheAmir259 says:

    It seems like no one has yet to mention this down here, but this is one of the only two occasions of longest ranged hits scored on a ship. The other one is your very familiar HMS Warspite

  36. WWI CV with a few no-fly bi-planes plus two probable-1918-era destroyers vs KM's most-modern battle-cruisers, under low-threatening cloud. Not a decisive encounter in the context of the whole-war, but a morale-sapping loss for a shoddily-run RN; where were the screening forces and shore-based air? Peace

  37. Ober Machinist says:

    Absolutely beautiful battleships

  38. Son Tung Le says:

    Scharnhorst and Gneisenau have Seetakt radar for main gun.

  39. Menes Aha says:

    Scharnhorst hit from 24 km 🙂 and its only one in the World 🙂

  40. MrDaleplan says:

    The Scharnhorst was badly hit by the Royal Navy in this battle and lost 2 of of its 3 Engines and it had to retreat back to port . . God bless all the seaman who fought in this badly on both sides .. but God Bless the Crew of the Royal Navy Destroyer Acasta which put a torpedo into the German Battleship .

  41. gibsondrummer says:

    The royal navy covered up the real circumstances of why the carrier was unescorted, the admiralty wanted to court marshal the captain and ordered him home without his escorts because of a fuel shortage , it was a travesty of justice for the men killed and was covered up for 40 years
    Assholes and cowards

  42. Christopher Sims says:

    That was a very interesting piece of history

  43. There should be a special place in hell for Guy D'Oyly-Hughes. Rest in peace, all the brave sailors who died because of that man's incompetence.

  44. Ken Newell says:

    On hearing the news, this was about the only time that Hitler had any praise at all for the capital ships.
    From that time onward, they were, to Hitler, worthless.

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