OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Combat Footage in Afghanistan 08-09

Bravo Troop “Banshees” from 2-17 CAV in Afghanistan during 2008.

41 thoughts on “OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Combat Footage in Afghanistan 08-09

  1. Don't know where the clips are from, but it was 2-17 out of Kandahar there in 08. Also, don't forget the ladies, there was a female in C/S Banshee 69 who ended up flying CAS for a friend of mine close to FOB Hutal in May or June 08. I liked when the Apaches flew as my escort… (o_O)

  2. Virgilio D Campli says:

    🇺🇸👏👏👏👏👏🍷🍕 👋😎🇮🇹

  3. AngryRed Banjo says:

    No M3P, No color VDU In theater in ‘09?

  4. Thumbs down for "music?"

  5. D. Cypher says:

    The rotor sound, rockets, and ambient noise is music enough…it lends a sense of reality only they can provide.

    Whilst the music steals some of that away.
    Great video! Please next time leave only the sounds of real life.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. onceANexile says:


  7. H Phillips says:

    Good video. I would like to see it used on antifa 😎

  8. matanuska high says:

    Ruining the hashish farms. 🤷‍♂️. Dicks.

  9. Phil Gawthrop says:

    Invading a sovereign country, no honor!

  10. Tyler Hoppe says:

    I know people give the AF shit as a running joke, but these service men and women doing strafing runs 20 feet off the ground in what basically amounts to a glass bubble must have nerves of steel.

  11. captain edwardo says:

    This music sucks cock by choice

  12. Bill Mckee says:

    Was flying beside one of those little birds in Afghanistan one time and the guy accidentally dropped his M4 out the hatch. We actually circled around to go retrieve it for him lol

  13. jackdeth37 says:

    Looks like a hell of a lot of fun! What did you do in the Army Daddy? Well honey I FUCKED SHIT UP!

  14. Jason Phelan says:

    Inside every Bell Jet Ranger.
    Is a Kiowa trying to get out.

  15. Served with the 2/17th in Nam



  17. LouisSypher666 says:

    No offense to the 58 crews, but I always got a warm feeling when I would see an Apache show up for support.

  18. Airwolf was a far more effective aircraft.

  19. YZERMAN #19 says:

    Yes! take that sand and rocks! 😂

  20. The best attack helicopter in the Stan.

  21. brickit26 says:

    Arma 4 looks amazing!

  22. For all you military types, is part of your basic training learning to enjoy grungy early 2000s stripper music?

  23. Brian Bouley says:

    Great job boys!!!

  24. Making Afghanistan Great Again!

  25. float like a butterfly STING like a BEE

  26. Just-in Case says:

    Ripple the shit out of em!

  27. 2007. Kiowas did CAS for us once upon getting ambushed. Saved our bacon. They also flew low over our valley to provoke the talibs to shoot when they first got in theater. They were looking for a fight. Sometimes the two crew were women. I met a pathfinder lieutenant I knew returning from the HLZ one morning. He had a huge grin on his face. A kiowa with two women pilots came to drop off recon photos to him. He told me they landed, he ran up to get the info. The pilot with her mirrored visor down, flightsuit zipper zipped down to reveal her pretty bra & cleavage smiled and handed him the photos. He said he stood there with his mouth agape as they flew away. Those crazy type-A cowgirl women pilots. Only young officers could get away with that. Made my day. True story.

  28. Lee Adams says:

    FOB Salerno, Khost ‘09

  29. Full respect, get some CAS 👍🇺🇸.

  30. Once upon a time there was a legendary helicopter by the code name Airwolf

  31. redrider86401 says:

    that chop chop chop sounds makes my heart race – freedom coming in hot !

  32. Mike O'Connell says:

    Love the Air Cav! Death from above! Hoooaaa!

  33. Jerry Umfress says:

    That little Kiowa is like a fart, silent but deadly 😎

  34. tri blues says:

    TO PILOT: Any PKM encounter from the ground?

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