North Korean Soldiers React to REAL U.S. Combat Footage for the First Time


Today, BUKSITAL from North Korea reacted actual footage from the live cam action of US’s special forces combating in Afghanistan!

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Buksital TV

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27 thoughts on “North Korean Soldiers React to REAL U.S. Combat Footage for the First Time

  1. So we just learned that the us army could destroy North Korea in less then a heartbeat lol am amazing we should’ve been nuked Kim jung un

  2. Trevor Howlett says:

    Fired 3 shots, trained in inaccurate methods, and starving. This country could be invaded with a dodgeball team.

  3. Método Hendriks de Aprendizagem says:

    Can I suggest you North Koreans to look up "shooting range" like: Jerry Miculek – Pro Shooter, etc… have a look on normal people shooting skills in america… that will shake you up; or wacth a John Wick movie and see the training the actors did.

  4. I'm a fan of BTS and KPOP …I love the culture ..And the kindness of the men ..I often wonder how the N. Korean Leader ended up the way he is

  5. I had two tours with the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, 1979 -80 and again 1993-94, always prepred to fight NK. I really enjoy hearing from a couple of former soldiers out from under the yoke of NK communism. I'd buy 'em an adult beverage if I could.

  6. Jon Sandoval says:

    Do they seriously not perform live fire exercises or even basic marksmanship in PRK?

  7. WizardBeard says:

    The guy in the last clip on the rocks was a glory seeker, he moved down the hill for no other reason than that. He was really stupid for doing it and got shot because of it. Now instead of a medal he gets a Darwin Award.

  8. Jarred Church says:

    Dies this channel have is audio inputs backwards? The guy on the right comes through on my left speaker and the guy on the left comes through the right speaker.

  9. EAT SHIT COMMIE says:

    This is the job they got to make north Korea you tube money.

  10. The fact that N korean soldiers practice carrying a nuclear bomb into a mock city of seoul scares me

  11. Kim Velez says:

    I like thus channel but its hard to read the subtitles too fast

  12. Their “great general” sits on his ass and tells everyone how wonderful he is😂😂 #NotGreat lmao

    They know that now and I love them for it

  13. Prem Kenneth says:

    Can we see them reaction to the Russian military also the pro-Russian from 2017 some videos

  14. Great Channel! I hope you get this message, coming from an American Veteran.
    Ever shot a bullet?? What exactly does that mean, seeing your soldiers and all also?
    Between Training, Combat, and Practice….I shot atleast 500,000 bullets(rounds), and I wasnt even a Machine Gunner!

  15. razzinsky says:

    Former North Korean soldiers I presume. Those haircuts would mean death sentence

  16. Aidan Johnson says:

    If you all realy knew more about North Korea and what it was like you would all know there is no way in Hell those or actualy North Korean Soldiers and that this is all a joke.

  17. Operator66th says:

    6:00 I guess that soldier shot is very lucky to live, if you get a shot in your head, your basically dead. He must either gotten shot in the eye with a weak bullet, or the bullet grinded against his skin from the side.

  18. TreezyE83 says:

    You guys are your kids I'm glad you are here Amigos .hello from Sacramento California area.hola!

  19. Pepper Jack says:

    If you want to react to decent US Military videos, you need to reach out to the service members here on YT. You want to see some impressive clips, just ask.

  20. Chemiegamer Peter says:

    NK soldiers

    never heard the sound of a gun

    yes people, propaganda makes you looking surprised about that fact.

  21. Mentos 93 says:

    I wonder if north koreans know that humanity landed on the moon & has robots on mars.

  22. Army SGT Girl says:

    To understand how badly you were taught about Americans, look for some of our history. You'll notice the Korean war was the last time we used rough force to NK.

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