Nier Replicant Review: Nier Replicant Gameplay Impressions for the v1.22 Remaster – Is it worth it?

Nier Replicant Review: Nier Replicant Gamplay for the V1.22 Remaster – Is it worth it? Thanks Square Enix for the Review Code! In this Nier Replicant Review Impressions we will be discussing our First Impressions and Reactions to the newly released Nier Remaster. Is the Nier Replicant “Remake” worth 60 USD? Should you buy Nier Replicant if you already finished the original? What is the new content in Nier Replicant? We answer all these questions and some more!

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00:00 Nier Replicant Review
00:21 Story and Setting
01:38 Design, Visual and Audio
03:02 Gameplay
05:57 New Content and Replayability
06:53 Is it worth it?
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Genre: Action-RPG
Developed by: Squrare Enix, Toylogic Inc.
Published by: Square Enix
Release date: April 24th
Platforms: PS4 (Reviewed on PS5, review code provided by Square Enix), PC, Xbox One
Price at time of review: 59.99 USD

The additions to the game are as follows:

Improved Graphics
New Voiced Lines
Audio re-recording
Combat Improvements
Unlockable Automata soundtrack and Yorha costumes
Unlockable new Ending
Unlockable Costumes for Nier Replicant characters
New Dungeons: “15 Nightmares”
New Yorha Weapons
New Episode: “Mermaid”

Nier Replicant Review: Is it Worth it?

So given all of the above, we arrive at the final thoughts for Nier Replicant Remaster and there’s one big question: Should you Buy it? As I mentioned above, I have played and completely finished the original game, and it has stayed with me all these years so my memory of events is quite good. Even so, I believe the game is worth the re-purchase simply because experiencing it again is like re-reading a great book, and I couldn’t bare to do so with the low quality of my now dusty Playstation 3.

If you played the original game and loved it, then you will fall in love again.
If you haven’t played the original, then this is your chance to discover one of the secret jewels of gaming.
If you played the original and didn’t care for it, then move along there’s nothing here for you.

Players wonder if a title is worth their hard-earned money, and upon inspection of the parts this will be a personal decision based on your priorities. If you need great graphics this is probably not the game. If you want lots of loot and customization then this is not the right RPG. But if you are looking for an experience, then Nier Replicant will give you that in ways very few games out there can. For me, I know what I will be doing for the foreseeable future: trying to grow a Lunar Tear!

Nier Replicant is an endearing, comfortably predictable story that turns out to be nothing of the sort. Relaxing afternoons fishing or cultivating and action-packed dungeons coexist to deliver an ingeniously conceived narrative that will stay with you for years to come, as you try and fail to stop humming the fantastic soundtrack.
Story & Setting (9.5)
Design, Visual & Audio (8)
Gameplay (8)
Replayability & New Content (8.5)
Pricepoint (8.5)

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