NEW Godzilla VS Kong Footage BREAKDOWN Battle Axe Atomic Breath & MORE Revealed

NEW Godzilla VS Kong Footage BREAKDOWN Battle Axe Atomic Breath & MORE Revealed

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49 thoughts on “NEW Godzilla VS Kong Footage BREAKDOWN Battle Axe Atomic Breath & MORE Revealed

  1. VileMK69 Z says:

    Maybe the canister is a battery that give Kong an electric charge to force him to fight by the Tech Company? Could be wrong

  2. Alex Martinez says:

    It shown in the trailer that kong directs the atomic breath to the axe blade

  3. MUTO Lover says:

    So Godzilla can't aim his breath anymore?! Whyis he shooting straight at the axe? Lol

  4. Richnvick Teanio says:

    That's mechagodzilla attacking people when kong axes him it will reveal the mechanical structure underneath

  5. Daniel Powell says:

    They Better Not Let Kong Beat Godzilla Cause If They Do It Would Be Real Stupid Dumb & CRAZY He Is Called Godzilla For A Reason Just Like Kong Was Called King For A Reason Last Time I Checked A King Cannot Beat A Fucking God CASE CLOSED !..!.!!.

  6. Gregory Williams says:

    Is Godzilla's head stuck in one position when spitting his nuclear breathe?? Because a head nod down would've took that big ape outa there… (asking for a friend)💁🏾‍♂️

  7. Parzival Xb1x says:

    What if the Godzilla attacking is mechagodzilla by the people out the second film and then in

  8. Vice Gaming says:

    Both titans being controlled by apex, all a setup to get mecha godzilla in the mainstream and too destroy the titans but retain their influence in the world. Considering how much godzilla has made vs kong movies, it is easy to guess that if any of the titans besides mecha Godzilla is killed off it would be kong, kong was pretty mainstream in the 20th century, 21st would be godzilla in America. Considering how companies enjoy making money its gonna be godzilla coming out on top in the movie. Pretty obvious that Apex and the bad guy from king of monster who survived to mess with the world another day is back to his normal shenanigans. Oh, and I'm basing this knowledge off old movie scripts and old movies, Hollywoods ability to soft reboot something is sort of an irritation nowadays.

  9. Ben dover says:

    So what I dont u understand is Why Is Godzilla Mad and why did they bring Kong someone tell me the story I'm Confused

  10. Ben dover says:

    They made GodZilla smaller they Favoured Kong in this Trailer

  11. Kone Whatsthenamespolicy says:

    The biggest issue these films have had has been not enough monsters, which I think they fixed after the first Godzilla, and poor human characters. So far skull island is the only one that succeeded at great human characters with only a couple standouts in king of the monsters. Unfortunately it seems the only continuing character is one I disliked the most. The whole ecoterrorist plot turned me off for the movie, but that damn family made me almost hate it.

  12. The Raven says:

    He guys I could be completely wrong but I don't think anything we're seeing in this trailer is what it seems right down to the words they're saying. They recalled making this movie several times and that was before the virus hit. I think that's Mecha Godzilla in the water or something that Mecha Godzilla did is not only going to turn mankind against the real Godzilla but cause them to fight. If it was as 1 2 3 as this trailer makes it seem they could have put this out earlier than the original release date called for. It's just to vanilla…. again, my opinion but I think all the delays were to find a believable way these to could even have a fight in the first place. I grew up loving both these guys but even as a kid i always said that if Godzilla hits Kong with that breath it's game over and let's be honest, machine gun fire hurt Kong in skull island. And don't anyone say well…. Kong was a baby then. Guess what…. when I was a baby a knife would cut me. I'm a grown man now and you know what, a knife will still cut me so kill the bullshit with that. I think they had to find a way to keep the breath from hitting him over and over. What that's going to be I don't know but i knew when I first heard they were doing a remake of this awesome move that they would either have to water down Godzilla's powers or upgrade Kong. Think about it… King Ghidorah dropped him from Dame near outer space and he lived. Not Kong could bring to the table would be more severe than that…. just my opinion

  13. I'm pretty sure he's using the dorsal plate. For two reasons.!

    One it's the only thing he can use as a shield. Because everything else just disintegrates.

    But more importantly as it is part of the mechanism that Godzilla uses to produce atomic breath. It can store the energy that it is shielding Kong from. And then release it upon striking Godzilla with it.

    Essentially giving Kong the power of Godzilla.!

    And Godzilla being aware of this weapon is attempting to disarm King Kong. But obviously it's just charging the weapon up.

    Because as you can see right when they cut away as King Kong strikes. It actually is releasing Godzilla atomic breath stored energy.

    That's just what it looks like to me.

    But I'm betting you he'll try to utilize a tool beforehand. And it is just melted away by the atomic breath.

    And probably during that same fight Kong rips off a dorsal plate. But then finds it. And utilizes as an object that is capable of damaging Godzilla. Physically even if he was unaware of its energy storage properties.

    But that's just logical theory based off of the video we have.

    But great breakdown excellent video.!

  14. Isaiah Black says:

    They should've built kong a sword or a giant ak or minigun

  15. Maybe the dorsal fins of Godzilla absorb radiation from the air aka the atomic breath and that’s why it looks like Godzilla is aiming for the axe

  16. Edward straka says:

    The canisters are full of a tranquilizer? As Kong is asleep on the ship. We will probably see them subdued him with it on his island, maybe? I'm guessing! We shall see in the movie.😀

  17. Michael Batts says:

    Could the collar also, while increasing Kong's already considerable strength to insane levels, be a way of Kong being able to take Godzilla's atomic breath attack.

  18. Kevin Hill says:

    Those are just the hinges of the collar. They are not canisters.

  19. El Maracaibero says:

    It could be Hawaii instead of Florida. Aren't t Kong and Godzilla from the Pacific?

  20. TheMan Moses says:

    That Axe of Kong is probably a family pass down weapon. That fin is most likely from a great grandparent and that’s why it’s not blown up.

  21. Scott Michael says:

    Thats not the REAL Godzilla.He moves diff.very subtle…but thats all mecha.

  22. I can already tell they are gonna join forces at the end to defeat a bigger threat, and then they will have mutual respect for one another .

  23. Roderick Turner says:

    Godzilla KOM failure had nothing to do with the trailers, it had to do with a lackluster storyline and too many monsters with no purpose in the movie.

  24. HippoButtSecks says:

    WHAT IF! Godzilla was powering the axe!!! For Kong to hit SOMETHING ELSE!

  25. dylan stones says:

    The battle axe is like a magnet and whenever Godzilla tries to use his atomic breath on Kong ((when Kong has the battle axe) it goes to the dorsal plate that’s attach to the battle axe instead of hitting Kong (which might power up the battle axe) so basically Godzilla is screwed against Kong. He’d have to fight a hand to hand combat which would give Kong a huge advantage with Godzilla being so slow while Kong is super fast (and learns his opponent fighting style quickly) like at the end of skull island against the big skull crawler.

  26. Mickstream says:

    The atomic breath comes from the fins… He’s probably aiming for kong but the fin is absorbing it like a magnet

  27. Daniel Aguirri says:

    I really think that there will be elements of GODZILLA vs MECHAGODZILLA in this.

  28. Kelly Chapman II says:

    The axe blade is one of Godzillas spikes there was a toy at Walmart that showed it closer…im js they better not screw godzilla in this one like they did the last time in the original cause ill probably walk out lbvs

  29. Andrew Pearson says:

    I don't think godzilla aiming at the axe, it's more Kong using the axe to block the beam like thor vs thano they way he used storm breaker to soak the energy. You can see the beam getting shorter

  30. George Smith says:

    This is my theory … Yes they do have a fight in the beginning…kong breaks of a pieces if Godzilla’s dorsal plate and makes an axe with it. Later Kong and Godzilla team up and fight some sort of monster Apex creates with Ghidorah and Godzilla DNA… the shot you see of Godzilla lighting up the axe was not a bad shot… it was a captain America and Thor team up moment where he charges the axe and So Kong can hit whatever monster it is… Godzilla is gonna sacrifice himself to save the world and KING Kong is now born…

  31. JUSThookINscale says:

    Seems like they are using Kong to lure Godzilla. Is this perhaps them using Kong to replace Godzilla with his mechanical doppleganger?

  32. James Oetzel II says:

    I think Godzilla is charging up Kong's axe with his breath in a team up against the big bad…MechaGodz, Warbat or whatever.

  33. Eric Lock says:

    The chains and the collar are a nod to the original black and white King Kong movie..

    “Now you know why we brought along all those cases of gas bombs…”

  34. Carstanua Robinson says:

    The canisters on the back of the neck can be beacons with energizing Ghidorah Blood 🩸 that alerts Godzilla.

  35. CooperPlaysYT says:

    My theory is that the mechagodzilla is immune to the atomic breath from the photo looks like Godzilla is charging up longs axe to hammer mechagodzilla on the ground …. just a guess

  36. FGIALC Gorge says:

    I really hope they don't have the whole "teenage girl and reluctant chubby hispanic friend save the day" crap. I just want some freaking monsters. Keep the teenage saviour b.s. out of it.
    Is Kong miss missing an eye? Sure looked like it. Maybe they make him a Mecha-Kong… I hope not.

  37. I do have question will Andy Serkis be reprising his animatronic role as Kong or will it be a new actor?

  38. Vik Ferreira Barrios says:

    They're working together. Kong and Zilla. The axe is being charged with power to fight some other monster

  39. UchihaItachi1986 says:

    They seem to be fighting at night, a lot of people aren't going to like that.

  40. Nathan Walker says:

    My theory is that Kong fought lizards on his island and possibly killed one of zillas relatives and fashioned his bone and spinal plate into an axe which naturally causes a hatred from zilla towards kong.

  41. Beavernator says:

    Godzilla charging up Kong's weapon like Thor charges up Iron Man's suit with lightning 🌩

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