NEW Combat Footage – Ukraine vs Russia – 1 Russian soldier dead helmet cam

Combat Footage – Ukraine vs Russia – 1 Russian soldier dead helmet cam
Ukrainian soldiers engage pro-russian activist. they get to kill one of them on long distance.
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39 thoughts on “NEW Combat Footage – Ukraine vs Russia – 1 Russian soldier dead helmet cam

  1. Imagine going into a fight and your only concern is that the gopro is charged so you can sell the footage to a youtuber later lol

  2. War Against Myself says:

    Where tf is this guys support?

  3. War Against Myself says:

    I feel bad for Ukraine what's happening to them is criminal.

  4. Brooks Was Here says:

    How many accounts putin needs to make up for his selfless keyboard games

  5. St. Petersburg says:

    Why is he switching between 3 guns every now and then ?

  6. Alfiansyah Arya Lesmana says:

    i like how calm yet so angry he is

  7. Fulungsar Brahma says:

    Where is the sniper.?

  8. Kegan Kelly says:

    This Ukrainian soldier walks his trench like a g

  9. Brian Ombeba says:

    This is from like 2014

  10. Alastair West says:

    Where are RAF Reg when you need them..?

  11. Trevor Chichester says:

    He dieded?

  12. Mẫn Huỳnh says:

    Russian verry hard to die

  13. Bunch of dumb fucks in the comments acting like Russia has no part in this war.

  14. Rachael __ says:

    Had paintball matches better than this war

  15. It's a 144p terrible steal off of warclashes lmao

  16. Daniel Idzikowski says:

    Ukraine? No, Mykraine.

  17. nemovcharka says:

    It isnt a Russian or a Ukranian soldier, its a Donbass rebell… Russians never invaded Ukraine… When ppl will finally get ir

  18. Vespine 420 says:

    Why did all this shit started?

  19. CHUFF#311 says:

    Change the title you fool

  20. Anonymous Announcements says:

    When did he get shot actually??? The title says its a dead helmet cam

  21. A Holy Crusader says:

    This guy was handling 3 guns all by himself

  22. DeadlyBFF 1918 says:

    outtro music pls?

  23. Bryce Solomon says:

    Dudes 3 round bursts were killing me. Don’t they use the “Die Motherfucker Die” method for their bursts lol? This dude just wanted the whole arsenal to himself too.

  24. Crazy ZombieBOS says:

    The new Escape From Tarkov amp looks fucking dope

  25. Kevin Loera says:

    what's up with the blue ribbon on the clip ? blanks ehh??

  26. MIKE JOSHUA says:

    if there were snipers, they wouldve been dead already. how scary. he seems not wearing a head helmet

  27. Kevin Estes says:

    Whatever happened to find, fix, and finish? Just shoot back and forth for awhile and then have a vodka….

  28. The New Syrian Flag says:

    Not russian you dumbass
    There are no russian troops in Ukraine at all

  29. Jake Sommer says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? I'm trying to find footage for a final project and this "War Clashes" asshole keeps fucking putting stupid shit on the screen. Hey guy, no one wants to subscribe to an asshole who tries to use war for subscribers. Disgusting.

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