New Afghanistan combat footage (Nov,2018)

Combat footage from Farah where the province has seen significant fighting this month.

38 thoughts on “New Afghanistan combat footage (Nov,2018)

  1. sunk dunkk78 says:

    بدأت المعركة الحقيقية للتو حالة إسلامية جديدة من الجنس المثلي وسفاح القربى

  2. Salma Khosar says:

    This is not Taliban India and afghan and Pakistan sikh really

  3. Shoukat Ali says:

    Afgan Yahad Zindabad America ki Lashy jaye gi Afganastan say Insha Allah jeoo Allah k Mujahdio <3

  4. Do those men really have that much to talk about? JFC – they be mouthy.

  5. ՏᗅBᗅᗯᝪN IᗅN says:

    ههههههه واې غېن په دا مرمې کې وهم …😆ههههه خه په ﺯړه پورې هدف

  6. Bad Shah Khan Khan says:

    Zindabad talibjan 👌👌⚘⚘💪💪⚘⚘👌

  7. Makhdom Kamran says:

    ہم اپنے افغان طالبان مجاہدین بھائیوں کے ساتھ کھڑے ہیں❤❤✌✌

  8. Sanaullah Altuba says:

    Mashallah Subhanallah zindabad Taliban zindabad ❣️🏳️👍🏽🏳️👍🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  9. Qadim i love Muslim says:

    This is may city from Afghanistan logar chsrkh wloswaliy 😊😊😊

  10. Haiderali Ali says:

    Mashallah jeo shero pakistan zindabad islam zindabad pashtoon zindabad bloch zindabad punjabi zindabad sindhi zindabad isi zindabad mujahideen islam zindabad

  11. A D A M TAYLOR says:

    soon as these fuckers realise there is no such fucking thing as allah the better they are all fucking brain washed

  12. mike knight says:

    makes you really wonder here are Americans & Chinese & russa & Australians trying to stop the war and In Afghanistan all they want is War they really must get off on it so be it sooner or later 1 Country WILL drop the Mother Load of all Bombs which I think should happen…

  13. Zain Zanni says:

    کافروں کی شکست، مسلمانوں کی فتح

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