Nerf War: Winter Battle

Nerf War: Winter Battle by PDK Films, the largest Nerf channel on YouTube! In this Nerf video, Paul snowboards down a mountain in the middle of winter and uses Nerf blasters to rescue Esteban.

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Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf channel on YouTube with over 15 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf War videos on YouTube, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and our Nerf blasters are custom modified just for our videos. We have no affiliation with NERF, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors in our videos!

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45 thoughts on “Nerf War: Winter Battle

  1. Gabriel Videos OFICIAL says:

    Top the video in !!!!, make a video showing how you guys prepared to record.

  2. ROY PETRIE Youtuber says:

    Which camera did you use? (action cam / go pro / EKEN ?)

  3. Василий Дерябин says:

    Ты про от куда берёш такие нёрфы ответь пожалуйста 🙏


    Call Of Duty Cold War Season 2 Seem Lit.

  5. Tungamirai Jayden Gwatirisa says:

    Come to my house it is in Zimbabwe now it is fun thought their is corona stay safe

  6. Stefan Wettengel says:

    Richtig gut gemacht ich werde es mir merken denn ich bin ein nerf fan und werde es mit meinen freund genau so realistisch spielen.

    Really well done i will remember it because I am a nerf fan and will play it with my friends just as realistically.

  7. Nvart Gulbengian says:

    how cool you go i have a fortnite nerf gun by is big gun come in my home and you will see i want too play with you nerf war battle

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  9. Andrei Moldovan says:

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  10. Elaine Ng says:

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  11. Jonathan Valencia says:


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