Naval Legends: Yamato. The largest battleship ever built

The Yamato battleship is the pinnacle of the battleship type. The biggest battleship in the world, and the best known Japanese Navy ship. Sadly remembered for her defeat in her last battle against 227 American aircraft, which became a demonstrative execution and ended with the giant being defeated and the hopes of the Japanese command crashed.

Built in secret, and at great expense, she emerged as the largest battleship in history.

Born to terrify her enemies, she’d cost eight billion USD to build in today’s dollars. She represents the pinnacle of battleship building, but launched at a key turning point in naval warfare history. The rise of aircraft-based naval combat left her immensely powerful, but ill-equipped to fight sustained air attacks. Still, nothing captures the imagination of naval aficionados quite like Yamato. There’s a mountain of knowledge just below the surface. Press “Play!”

Naval Legends is a series about the construction, service, and daring deeds of legendary 20th-century ships.
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38 thoughts on “Naval Legends: Yamato. The largest battleship ever built

  1. World of Warships Official Channel says:

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  2. 希望之花オルガ・イツ花 says:

    Yes, it’s true that Japan wasn’t in the right and belonged to “the axis of evils”, but when come to think from our ancestors point of view, I could humbly say it couldn’t be helped at that time, just as justice for someone might be wrong for someone else. I painfully know what kind of malicious acts the Japanese empire did and never want to justify them, also feel sorry for those who had suffered from them. However, I would like to say Japan was desperate to catch up with the western great powers and literally one of the few Non-Western countries which bravely resisted the white supremacy. Sorry if my comment is off the point and bothers you.

  3. aryaperdanapatigon perdana says:

    Maybe indonesian naval to realy scary scary delisioso

  4. Andy James says:

    The name "Yamato" is one of the old name of Japan, and she literally was the symbol of Japan.
    She went down to the dark and deep sea, and with this affair, we've lost to America.
    Japan was born again and completely be obedience to America.
    But most of Japanese remember the tragic story of Yamato, and secretly desire the reborn of her.
    "Space Battle Ship Yamato" is one of the most popular anime in Japan.
    In this anime, Yamato was rebuilt as a space battle ship that would save the earth.
    This anime stands for the wish of Japanese.

  5. TheDroidBay says:

    Gotta love those "cokes eye-all" guns though.

  6. Aldrino Senpai says:

    wait a minute

  7. The biggest "targer practice" ship!! You can be the BIGGEST battleship in the World, but without air cover, you're pretty much a lame duck!!!!

  8. Erica Sanico says:

    Long live the future recovered king of space battleships

  9. ajay chitnis says:

    We are far behind in technology still we can not make such ship in India

  10. Robert Colfack says:

    It was too big it was easier to hit then a smaller ship with a smaller profile it had lots of firepower, and armor it probably would have been better if Japan would have made 2 or 3 smaller battleships instead of the huge Yamato and her sister battleship maybe something the size of the American battleships with much better antiaircraft guns it could still have those huge 18 inch guns instead of triple torrents double torrents maybe just 6 or 8 18 inch guns I think 6 would have been enough….It probably could have more armor then the US battleships….There are limits that a huge battleship has that's why there are no more in service today…..

  11. edward newgate says:

    Yamato son of kaido self proclaimed kozuki oden

    Wt genius oda

  12. Yohannes Biniam says:

    Yamatos quality was outmatched by quantity, just like the me 262 too little too late

  13. That's_Mr_Ass_To_You says:

    8:28 Just the model is amazing.

  14. I visited the Yamato Museum in Kure, where the model shown here is housed, along with a history of the shipyard during the war. This makes for a nice half-day trip from Hiroshima.

  15. Brian another God Damned Socialist says:

    But imagine it with vulcan cannons for point defense and cruise missiles…

  16. Big for nothing, this ship Yamamoto tomato whatever did nothing I the war, number one reason wasn't used correctly in the war, and wasn't defended with some air force unit, the Axis made many mistakes that were taken advantage by the Allies.

  17. 陳博穎 says:

    What if it had encountered an American flight? ? ? ? ?

  18. 佐々木アキ says:

    Fun fact, you could literally die of shockwaves by just standing near the main cannon when it fires.
    I mean, most battleships are like that too tho

  19. 佐々木アキ says:

    Germans: builds a largest cannon, also planned to build the largest tank
    Japan: builds largest battleship
    Italy: makes largest pizza

    Seriously, what’s up with the axis powers being obsessed with making the largest stuff lol

  20. Did history learn to not mess with Americans?

  21. Joseph Cashen says:

    A tragic loss of a fantastic shiip and her men, but sadly necessary for peace.

  22. top banana says:

    for a ship to be called a legend it has to have done something legendry. im still searching the history books on this ship. as far as i am aware its the largest bombing target ever built

  23. 청솔향 says:

    야마동은 그만하고 엔터프라이즈를 내놔!

  24. Jim Jones says:

    The day of monster battle ships was almost over by then.. Luckily, our Air craft carriers were out to sea at Pearl harbor. Only an air craft carriers group(20- 30 supporting ships) can do it now.

  25. yahya toraja says:

    the yamato battleship is the best………..tora..tora..tora

  26. sven martin says:

    Her legend lives on in Star Blazers AD2199 1974 version and 2013. She is a icon. Just like carrier Enterprise and the Starship Enterprise too.

  27. Creepy Hair Sniffer says:

    those "small" six inch guns are still pretty damn big, about the same caliber as land artillery, and they were just a third of the size of its main guns… its kind of insane how big battleship guns are.

  28. The Missouri is 887 feet long but only displaces 45 thousand tons because it's beam is only 108 feet… that extra 20 foot beam really made a difference

  29. Jose Dimitui says:

    Battle of midway

  30. Matthew Roberts says:

    Even though it is quite aggravating, I suppose I must tolerate the mindless narration to learn something about the largest, most powerful battleship ever made. But… besides pronouncing the Yamato's name incorrectly (British lack of respect for any foreign pronunciation is one of their signature faults), there are other problems. For example: "Coke-sigh-all" replaces "Coaxial". Is this a computer-generated narrator? Or is it just totally out of contact with reality? I cannot answer that perplexing question.

  31. Ralph Averill says:

    When the first biplane safely landed on the deck of the converted USS Langley, 10/26/22, every battleship in the world became obsolete, even the ones, like the Yamato and Bismark, that weren't yet built. The Japanese and Germans would have been much better off had they made aircraft carriers with the resources they wasted on battleships..
    US airpower sank the Yamato.
    A single British biplane disabled the Bismark and made it a sitting duck.
    Japanese airpower sank most of the battleships in the US Pacific fleet in one raid on 12/7/41.

  32. Everything's Alright says:

    I wonder what the first americans who saw yamato thought of it given its insane size

  33. Heba Shebli says:

    even thou it was very hevili armed its use in the war was underwelming but if the japanies had used it more yamotos death could have bin prevented and japan might have won the war but they lost wich is a shame

  34. Yamato & musashi vs Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and new Jersey

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