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One of the last remaining dreadnoughts in the world is the American Texas battleship. With the help of the archival wartime newsreels and CG animation, we will tell the viewers about the most important points on the battle path of the veteran ship: covering the Normandy landings, artillery duel against the Hamburg battery, and supporting the Iwo Jima invasion.

It’s time for Episode Two of our documentary series: Naval Legends. This time, learn the fascinating story of the USS Texas – a truly battle-hardened legend of naval warfare that took part in many significant operations in 20th century seafaring combat.

Naval Legends is a series about the construction, service, and daring deeds of legendary 20th-century ships.
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43 thoughts on “Naval Legends: USS Texas | World of Warships

  1. Titanic Lover115 says:

    Technically its not the first world War cuz there have been other wars before it involving every country

  2. Dikay Evertear says:

    Given recent events in the world and the possible Secession of the State of Texas, The USS Texas, being over a hundred years old, might be recommissioned into navel service once more to serve as the flag ship of the possible sovereign nation.

  3. Dante Hasim1 says:

    Is this before u had ur Very deep voice in the intro before ur puberty?

  4. Charles Moore says:

    Not widely know is the 1914 coal fired boilers also had 6 burners for fuel oil which were used to obtain maximum speed.

  5. Charles Moore says:

    1918 internment of the German High Seas Fleet. The internment involved two different movements. 21 Nov (being referenced) was to Firth of Forth. Texas was not involved in the subsequent 27 Nov movement of the German ships to Scapa Flow

  6. Charles Moore says:

    2:20 hull armor: Does not cover both ends per "General arrangement of armor, Sheet 1": Newport News drawing 52635, 10 January 1911
    Front: starts at Frame 18 (72 feet from the bow)
    Rear: ends at Frame 137 (20 feet from the stern)
    Frame distance frame center to frame center is 4 feet

  7. Kevin Wise says:

    USA's enemies learned not to mess with the Texas…

    Very heartwarming for us Texas natives…

  8. Wynfrith Nichtwo says:

    Been to see her several times. There is a old foto, pre digital, of me straddling one of the main guns. I look like the size of a ant in the foto. Lol She is awesome. I say Texas should modernize her and put her to work in the Gulf of Mexico. 🤠

  9. Dalphator says:

    Just saying the reload time on USS New York is horrendously long

  10. Gossip Mime says:

    That flooding of the tank to achieve a steeper firing angle is the stuff off legend.

  11. mohamad saleh says:

    I’ve just Purchased it today and I’m in love it 😍 i like it.

  12. thatguygambit says:

    Never heard anyone pronounce "San Jacinto" like that lmfao

  13. Lorraine Freeman says:

    The demonic titanium synthetically wink because handball premenstrually announce astride a fresh eagle. delightful, rampant record

  14. the minecraft kid valeez says:

    I have been on this ship about 5 times and as soon as the virus calms down and we canngo to places you can bet I am making that number 6

  15. Titanic Lover115 says:

    The state of Texas needs to take care of there ship better

  16. 10:38 Texas should have a special ability in-game where you can flood some compartments which would make a firing range circle into an oval shape: you can fire further when firing broadside. The negative effect would be that of course, the ship would be partially flooded so some of your HP would be "put into depository", meaning that while having this effect activated, you'd have less health and can be sunk quicker, but if your turn off the effect, you'd get back that HP.

  17. Brian Berthold says:

    the USN should really put some money into this ship along with USA (Congress and House) i mean really shes the last of her kind in the world AND is on the National Register

  18. Brian Berthold says:

    this ship was in the first group of ships i bought along with the Arizona

  19. Chris Cristo says:

    'Texas' looks like the imperial destroyers from Star Wars. I wonder where George Lucas got the design idea from. Nevertheless, 'Texas' has a state of the art design and it looks intimidating enough to scare the shit out her enemies. Her crew must've been in love with and very proud of her.

  20. Gary Hunter says:

    Its a shame guns are rusting, and below deck are rusting. Texas should be sure the OLD TEXAS Battle Ship should be taken care of.

  21. <<All slow ahead, flood the aft trim tanks>>
    <<But sir, the ship will sink aft first>>

  22. James the space marine says:

    The triple expansion engines had a tendency to shake themselves apart at top speed

  23. IrishSoyBoy says:

    Madlad flooded his own ship to yeet his shells onto its targets

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