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USS Salem is a heavy cruiser, one of the last artillery cruisers built in the USA, the Sea Witch of the US Navy, and …a giant that was late for the war. Nevertheless, her technical characteristics exceeded her time, as she was designed as a “nightmare” for the Japanese Imperial Navy. In this episode of Naval Legends, we will explore one of the most advanced cruisers of its time. Welcome aboard the USS Salem!

Naval Legends is a series about the construction, service, and daring deeds of legendary 20th-century ships.
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45 thoughts on “Naval Legends: USS Salem | World of Warships

  1. Handsome looking ship.

  2. Why did this contain very little mention of the Salem's sister-ship, USS Newport News CA-148, that did three tours in Vietnam, pounding the enemy with her big guns? While serving on board Newport News, I had a Chief Gunners Mate that had started his career during World War II, tell me, "if we'd had ships like this during WWII, the sea war would have been over pretty quick."

  3. How poor are these producers that the only Historians they can hire are a bunch of Russians? Pathetic

  4. Timothy Cook says:

    USS Oregon City (CA-122) had the shortest service life of any US Navy heavy cruiser, just 22 months in operation. I've never learned the reason why

  5. brittany evans says:

    What was the fire rate of the dual purpose secondaries

  6. Mykey Barbee says:

    These I can watch all day, play the games no, money greedy bastards. Decided not to subscribe to this channel as they are tied to the game. They're bleeding your data time…

  7. Matteo 70 says:

    What a wonderful creature it is!

  8. Hai Huang says:

    had the honor to worke on this ship as part of quincy high school intern program back in 1998.

  9. flipside killer says:

    Yuriy kruchkov

  10. Andrew AL 'Bammers! says:

    I just finished my grind to this legendary cruiser.

    I want to thank you for their gifts of super containers and other rewards from this update that made this coal grind possible, that I have finished it just 4 days before the game's 5th birthday.

    More than two years after my visit to the USS Salem, I stand on her helm again, in the high seas of World of Warships.

  11. Jason Chen says:

    Can two Des Moines-class heavy cruisers knock down an Iowa Battleship?

  12. General Zaroff says:

    Please don't scrap her

  13. Kevin Morada says:

    7:21 Why didn’t you translate that ;-;

  14. Avada Kedavra III says:

    Witch of the Seven Seas

  15. Soarin Skies says:

    The Russians could have only dreamed of building or even designing such a extremely powerful and dangerous heavy cruiser

  16. Soarin Skies says:

    The best part about this ship in game is that in real life, 5-6 seconds was actually the reload rate of each gun at full loading speed, allowing each gun to expel approximately 10-12 shells per minute

  17. Andrew AL 'Bammers! says:

    Music in the video?

  18. Andrew AL 'Bammers! says:

    Vs Destroyers, Salem would’ve easily massacred them one after anouther.
    Vs Light cruiser, Salem would effortlessly crush them.
    Vs heavy cruisers, Salem would’ve pummeled them to their doom.
    Vs Aircraft Carriers, Salem could easily just shred plane after plane with extreme ease, and if it met their carrier, murdered it.
    Vs Battleships, they might look intimidating, but the Des Moines class if at a far away enough distance, they were capable of setting even Yamato ablaze and reduce the entire superstructure, AA defense, and secondary load to a ravaged steel inferno, and possible destroy all control of the ship from the superstructure.

    This really is the true cruiser king.

  19. Andrew AL 'Bammers! says:

    Can you rework Des Moines’s armor?

  20. Andrew AL 'Bammers! says:

    Japan would’ve surrendered as soon as they had witnessed the power of these cruisers

  21. 12thman Railfans says:

    We need a tier 8 for WoWS Legends. USS Salem should be at the top

  22. I slept on this thing their popcorn is better then the Massachusetts

  23. Aaron ___ says:

    Impressive, but humans sure are wasteful.

  24. Alexander Mattson says:

    my grandpa served on the Salem from commissioning to decommissioning, In the radar bay, also the Salem wasn't entirely Air-conditioned because if there was AC in the engine room then the steam would condensate and the ship wouldn't be able to move

  25. Centurion Play says:

    Why not use the metric system in the videos since its the most used system in the world?

  26. RABIT BITT says:

    it has to much canon s

  27. Steve Chu says:

    In real life: The best Fire control system and Surveillance radar

    In the game: The worst Fire control system and Surveillance radar
    Nice work WG!

  28. SteveTheGreat - says:

    I like in these videos, Russian people know a lot about old ww2 ships.

  29. Dutchman 72 says:

    That was awesome thank you to whoever made this!

  30. Jose Silva says:

    This ship is New Jersey?

  31. ichabodon says:

    And if memory serves me correct she played the part of the Graf Spee in the British war film ‘Battle of the River Plate’

  32. ichabodon says:

    I know these old ships cost money to keep but they should be kept as a reminder of how it was

  33. Harry Murphey says:

    The USS Newport News was teamed up w/ the USS New Jersey and used for artillery support off of Vietnam. She fired so much that she wore her gun tubes out. The DesMoines sat in the Philadelphia Naval Yard for years before they scrapped her ….

  34. SaltySaiyan says:

    “Hardly any adversary could withstand such a barrage” Laughs in Soviet paper ship

  35. Bill Bopperton says:

    American Naval planners: dakka dakka more dakkaaaa
    Seriously, the amount of firepower on American ships was crazy and hilarious

  36. Chrris Smith says:

    What's with the dramatic music.

  37. dr techtek says:

    Why do they have this clothe protection on the outside of the cvannons?

  38. Tau-5 Samsara says:

    imma need the background music

  39. Andrew AL 'Bammers! says:

    Music for the ending?

  40. JOSHUA KUPEC says:

    These ships are beautiful to see in real life. I wish there were more ships that were saved from the scrapyards. Also WG can we possibly get night battles in game. Maybe only a higher tier.

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