Naval Legends: Royal Navy Aviation. Part 1

A flying walrus?! Watch the first part of our detailed look at naval aviation to learn how aerial reconnaissance amplified a nation’s sea power.

Naval Legends is a series about the construction, service, and daring deeds of legendary 20th-century ships.
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45 thoughts on “Naval Legends: Royal Navy Aviation. Part 1

  1. Daniel Claudio says:

    So does anyone else hear the little kid saying Mommy at the very end of the video? Creepy as fuck.

  2. It’s proper correct huh

  3. What’s with the metric system!! Use standard!!

  4. 8:36 swear this the guy from ALi g show lmao

  5. Peter Flitcroft says:

    My late Uncle was in the Fleet Air Arm in WW2. He was an electrician working on Swordfish aircraft. When they fixed one they had to go up on a test flight with the pilot. One way of ensuring they did a good job.

  6. Lord Inter says:

    Makes me laugh, keep saying the UK had to catch up with Germany and Italy who didn't have any Carriers, talk about misleading lol

  7. John Rodrigues says:

    A history is only good if it covers failures and successes. Where is the Fairey Albacore and a few others? Why not speak of the shortcomings of land planes converted for carrier use? In particular range. The Westland Wyvern was a robust plane but had problems. 1) Range, The Python turbine burned excessive fuel. 2) Was difficult to throttle, so ran at constant speed. Aircraft speed was controlled by the pitch of the counter rotating propellers. The video was good, but incomplete

  8. enigmatr01 says:

    çeviri berbat sesle çeviri arasında kayma var..

  9. SgtAttacker 1701 says:

    That awkward moment when your most advanced battleship gets heavily demaged by some outdated British biplanes

  10. Steven Moore says:

    The Attack on Taranto was Pearl Harbor before it was cool.

  11. AdamosDad says:

    Ely, Eugene Burton was the first. Ely joined the Curtiss Exhibition Team and performed successful exhibition flights at numerous events.
    In 1910, made the first successful unassisted airplane takeoff from the wooden deck of the USS Birmingham.

    In 1911 he made the first successful airplane landing on the USS Pennsylvania, the first ship to be equipped with a landing deck and arresting system.

  12. Rod Brown says:

    Where were the Rocs and Skuas?

  13. Moe Jaime says:

    Can't they get someone on these videos that doesn't look like they have a rod up their ass ??

  14. Craig Koehler says:

    Amazing that it took so long (60+ years) for the Royal Navy to adopt balloon tech that had been around since at least the US Civil War.

  15. What museum has the aircraft shown?

  16. Andrew and Pat says:

    Just to note that your Historical Consultant, Yuriy Kruchkov, is a bit off at 14:32. The reason for the British R&D lag in naval aviation was not the Admiralty but the Air Ministry, who had total control of the Fleet Air Arm from 1924 to May 1939 when the Admiralty took direct control over the FAA. Consequently the FAA was competing for resources with other branches of the Royal Air Force during the period of modernisation and re-armament, and the results of that are well known. I can't provide a source, but I recall that land-based aircraft would provide modern fighter coverage to the Fleet as all action was expected to take place near land bases. A bureaucratic handicap that no other nation had to endure. When the war did start it was a case of making do with what they had, however obsolete.

  17. nightlightabcd says:

    The Swordfish flew somewhat slower than a albatross!

  18. Furious would be an interesting tier iv ship

  19. 前田さんの日本の鉄道クラス says:

    so…. Aviation battleship were existed far before Hyuuga and Ise ?

  20. Roland Lawrence says:

    ah the channel dash when the raf were busy with the suicide run to berlin… indeed while the swordfish was outclassed, getting creamed on the deck trying to land was more of an issue and something that biblically slow was still handy.

  21. T. 'Wild' Weasel says:

    Love the stringbag!

  22. Bad Cornflakes says:

    Vought F4U Corsair + USS Enterprise 👌

  23. arztbesuch Arzt says:

    The song at the start is awesome

  24. Gandalfwiz2007 says:

    British CV's !!!!!

  25. A horse with no name says:

    Swordfish to Barracuda. Where is the Albacore?

  26. ジェリコ says:

    So world of warplanes can no longer advertise their game now they are asking World of warships

  27. sander643 says:


  28. Need to do more homework the " Westland Wyvern " that you are showing is NOT a turboprop model, it is the 'H-block Rolls-Royce Eagle 22, a piston engine". Look there are, 12 on each side, 24 in all, exhaust pipes!

  29. Robert H. Goddard: The Father of Rocketry says:

    all the wehraboos crying about bismarck, sorry but it sunk and so did tirpitz and there is no museum made after it unlike yamato which had a huge museum dedicated to it.

    i'd much like to see the USS North Carolina and do a match up of who would win in a fight with Bismarck if america in the war since NC was the most powerful allied warship in service at that time.

    myself, well after careful analysis i've concluded NC would win, her Armor and Armament design is far more suited to the Long range plunging fire exchanges of ww2, while Bismarck's armor and armament is more suited to the outdated short range slaughter fests of ww1.

    infact bismarck is massively overrated in regards to it's fighting capability and performance at the Denmark straight, we all know it 1 shot Hood, but hoods deck was massively i'll suited to time delay fuses that bismarck was throwing and it was a very lucky hit.
    But what people don't know is the skirmish she had with Prince of wales and how it for a time was losing the fight and the damage that POW did massively led to bismarcks demise before POW eventually gave up at the loss of hood and didn't risk fighting a 2v1 and losing.

    POW rear gun turret jammed and was out of action and the other 2 were working but not very well(also massively contributed to why she retreated) so bismarck has a huge advantage,
    Bismarck scored 7 hits on POW, 4x 8inch shells and 3x 15inch shells
    an 8 and a 14 of them hit the rear smoke stacks and boats doing little damage,
    an 8 and a 14 hit the bridge and fire control director but did little damage,
    2x 8 hit the rear starboard stern above the water line causing a bit of flooding but little damage overall
    and 1 15 hit below POW belt and just a few feet above the keel, luckily it was a dud otherwise this hit could have been devastating.

    so the damage was minimal, she took was really only electrical damage and a tiny bit of flooding and a tiny list to starboard, now lets look at the damage POW did to Bismarck

    POW scored 3 14inch hits on Bismarck,
    1 hit a sea plane doing little to no damage
    but 1 hit below bismarcks armor belt, this did lots of damage, it penetrated, exploded and sent shrapnel into the Port Turbo generator room and forward port steam boiler flooding the Turbo generator room entirely and half flooding the boiler room causing a decnt
    9.5 degree list to port and reduced power,
    but the 3rd hit was even worse, it hit the massive fuel tank stored in the bow of the ship and caused Bismarck to lose over 1,500 tons of oil to sea water contamination and flooded over 2000 tons of sea water and caused the bow to lean by 3 degrees, thats the bow 5-6 meters below it's normal water line!!!, the forward flooding was so severe that no matter how much they counter flooded the stern they couldn't get it back to normal.

    by the end she lost 2 boilers, a turbo generator, 1500 tons of fuel and gained well over 3000 tons of sea water and was still slightly tilting forward massively limiting her options weather or not to return to port and reducing her top speed of 30kts to 26-27.

    so despite POW landing half the hits, she did far more damage.

  30. aksels odrins says:

    I would love to have a world of warships put battleship h44 I think very mush people would be glad !!!

  31. JustCallMeDots says:

    where is part 2?

  32. Gamer Iso says:

    Another beautiful naval history video. Part 2 needs to be about IJN and Zeros

  33. BaconBurgerBob says:

    Swordfish!!!!! Nazi Battleship Killer….LOL

  34. chng hemeng says:

    British CV Hype?

  35. I smell British CV line

  36. Legion716 says:

    4 dislikes so far?

    Bismarck, Yamato, Tirpitz and Musashi. The only real culprits here.

  37. Kevin Smith says:

    It's always weird when they say a number converted to metric from it's original specification. They have some odd number convention as a result. For instance 272 kg instead of 600 lbs.

  38. Aluminati says:

    Still waiting for HMCS Haida.

  39. They should make it so the Hellcat and F4U Corsair can also wield rockets and bombs like in real life.

  40. Wisky Docent says:

    Wat, nothing on the turret fighters?! Or r they going to b mentioned in part 2?

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