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Destroyers were in high demand in the Royal Navy during World War II due to their sheer versatility at escorting convoys, chasing subs, scouting for enemy activity and other vital tasks. HMS Cavalier was one of 112 destroyers built by British shipyards all over the country during the War Emergency Program of 1939-1945. Step aboard the Royal Navy’s last World War II destroyer!

Naval Legends is a series about the construction, service, and daring deeds of legendary 20th-century ships.
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46 thoughts on “Naval Legends: HMS Cavalier | World of Warships]

  1. 3:09 You said 2 twin and 1 single for the Oerlikons, but the video shows it as 2 twin and 3 singles.
    3:04 Also said the Bofors is a twin-mount but proceeds to show a single-mount.

  2. Anthony Andersen says:

    Served on type 15 HMS Verulam. Passed HMS Cavalier going out to FES in Suez Canal whilst on HMS Kent. Great memories. Well done shippers once Navy always Navy.

  3. Barrie Wright says:

    It would have been nice if they could have saved one of the Nelson battles ship that would have been orsome.

  4. Jamie Lye says:

    You amaricans think everything is ugly unless its one of yours. Then its beuitifull…….bellends

  5. mike marsh says:

    I think I remember going on board when she was in Brighton ??

  6. Davy Tornado says:

    Love the old ships.
    I was actually serving on Rapid when the race took place and we were bookies favourites to win.
    One bookmaker, Ladbrokes. ( I think) had pledged a sum of money to charity if Rapid won and double it, if Cavalier won.
    At the finish line spider Kelly our Cdr ordered the safetys blown and Cavalier crept home.
    Couple of footnotes…1/.Cavalier broke down half hour into the race and we had to dodge about till she got going again and
    .2/..the inevitable Russian trawler ? showed up to speedcheck us and we both whooshed down either side of it at RAS distance…that was fun.
    She deserved the win , she looked like a proper warship.
    We were just a floating classroom for the Tiffs. (spit).
    Glad they've preserved the old Cavalier.

  7. yakuza1333 says:

    At least the ex gunner can speak in English, ie feet and inches! I bet that the builders didn't have plans measured in metres so why does your otherwise very informative documentary have to use them?

  8. David Evans says:

    Served as a junior seaman, Feb 1970 for 2 years, 1st ship

  9. Dave Keeler says:

    The ship that deserved the most to be preserved was the HMS Warspite . She had the most battle honours but Great Britain wouldn't preserve any battleship. When it got down to the very last battleship the HMs Vanguard they still had to scrap it. Fortunately, a lot of these great ships are represented as a high quality plastic model kits are now available.

  10. JIMBO5444 JIMBO5444 says:

    I saw The Cavalier and Manxman racing in the Irish Sea 1970. I was shell loader on 4.5 Leander Class in enclosed turret. Cant imagine open 4" turret!

  11. Geoff Howard says:

    Wonderful ship, company and video!! 👍🏻

  12. David Davies says:

    Great video, sm looking forward to when we can visit cavalier , thank you for alovely video x

  13. freebeerfordworkers says:

    Been on her twice, first when she was at Brighton and then a few years ago at Chatham. I could not believe so many men could live together in such a small place as the mess decks.

  14. was onboard when i was 16 in 1972 mothballed in the river Tamar Plymouth

  15. yay the veteran can still lift a fifty pound shell

  16. leslie woods says:

    hi all i have sailed on her and was the best ship i ever was on was one of the last 15 ratings that was left on board to hand over to the dockyard

  17. i wonder if they both reached the cap point at the same time

  18. Jim Baird says:

    Great insight , really well done, subscribed

  19. Dimes On His Eyes says:

    An open bridge? I thought that stopped being a thing 50 or 60 years before.

  20. The Night Watcher says:

    Still breaks my heart that there are no modern British or Japanese battleships that can be visited.

  21. Don Robinson says:

    My father served on HMS Cossack R57 a C class destroyer from 1945-47 & was mostly stationed in the Pacific. He transferred to the RNZN in 1948 & served on HMNZS Bellona & Tui until he retired from the navy in 1952.

  22. The New Normal says:

    We haven't got even one battleship preserved, so not that much pride.

  23. Shiner1955 says:

    Very proud to say I served on her 1959-1960 under Cdr Hope Great Captain and Great Ship Great Crew

  24. Jabber 1974 says:

    I was looking round this ship only 2 weeks ago

  25. jenny last says:

    Lovely video without those men and women i doubt i would be watching this, they all risked their lives for their country,my country.

  26. Brian Moore says:

    Such a good video to watch. Thanks. So please to see the 'old gal' reached 34 knots late in life and that she's there to this day instead of having been scrapped.

  27. Robert Cabrera says:

    Britain did not use the metric system in WWll.

  28. Maurice Faulds says:

    Had a draft to Cavalier in 72, Changed at ghe last minute Minerva also based in Chatham.

  29. Rod Fearnley says:

    She was our plane guard, for HMS Victorious, Far East Fleet, 1963/1965. During flying stations, the launch astern of us, for recovery, off our port side. Always a comfort to see her there. God bless her and her old crew.

  30. Christopher Cummings says:

    the one WW2 ship i wish they would have preserved was the USS Enterprise the only Carrier to pretty much last the entire war and had the most battle stars of any US Warship

  31. 11:10 The troop-carrying liners mostly crossed the Atlantic unescorted, as they were too fast to be intercepted by U-boats. The Royal and US Navies had ships with the speed to keep up, but lacked the endurance. The RN ships would come out to meet the troop carriers as they reached the Western Approaches and escort them to their destination ports. That's when the RN ships' speed was used.
    Escort duty had its perils for the RN ships – look up Queen Mary and HMS Curacoa.

  32. Monty Zumazoom says:

    Went on board this ship when she was based at Brighton marina for a while in the 1970’s.
    Keep meaning to go and see her at Chatham.

  33. The Lombax says:

    Ironic they saved the last cruiser and the last destroyer but none of the battleships. Not even warspite whom Nelson would have been proud of.

  34. john faragher says:

    they were called greyhounds not bloodhounds

  35. Laszlo Kaestner says:

    As the company motto went "White's built, well built". The same can be said for ORP Blyskawica another White's Destroyer similarly preserved by her home country (Poland) built just prior to the war.

    Blyskawica happened to be back at Cowes undergoing refit during the worst of the bombing raids the Germans mounted. Blyskawica had (against Admiralty orders, that's the Poles for you) remained armed in port and thus was able to put up and stern fight against the bombers who were no doubt rather alarmed to find a fully armed Destroyer waiting for them. This action is widely regarded as having saved the town and also the docks of Cowes from great destruction. This was less than a year before Cavalier was laid down.

    Who knows, maybe if Blyskawica wasn't there that night there may not have been the facilities to build Cavalier?.

  36. Paul and Sue Roberts says:

    Greyhound not bloodhound.

  37. I wasn't prepared, this documentary brought a tear to my eye.

  38. destinations. sunset says:

    actually there is one pre ww2 destroyer preserved that was built in samuel white cowes on isle of wight, orp Błyskawica shes kept as museum ship in Gdynia Poland, in ww2 she served alongside RN and her pennant was H34, shes beaut

  39. Guy Willoughby says:

    This particular ship was up until about 20 years ago kept in the dry dock at the Old Hawthorn Leslie yard in Hebburn on the Tyne, and for that reason I always believed that she had been built there, probably because her famous cousin HMS Kelly was built there. Funny how these videos educate you in ways you would never expect them to.

  40. bobby vee says:

    It is nice to see that the ship survived the scrap yard.

  41. StrykerMareXV says:

    What was the benefit of having an open bridge?

  42. Nick Peters says:

    I was on that heap of junk … it was shit …

  43. Sleek Chaser says:

    They preserved an unknown destroyer but not the legendary Warspite? Shame…

  44. leslie woods says:

    best ship i ever was on

  45. Jeremy Spencer says:

    You gave us the specification in Metric? Come on Brexit!

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