Naval Fortress: San Francisco Artillery Corps

From the 1920s, San Francisco was protected by two two-gun batteries, north and south of the Golden Gate strait. Throughout the duration of World War II, 150 artillerymen were living on the premises in constant combat readiness: when the alarm was sounded they had five minutes to prepare and make the shot.

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40 thoughts on “Naval Fortress: San Francisco Artillery Corps

  1. Alex Cadag says:

    I feel like watching here is more detailed than any documantary

  2. Force Max says:

    Man you channel is insanely good, hope y'all grow more and teach us things like that! 👍

  3. Clarence caustin Austin says:

    Why don't they give name and address to all our defence stations

  4. Robert Evans says:

    The other one is/was Battery Davis, down here at Fort Point, it also had 2-16 inch guns

  5. Red Dragon says:

    you guys should do Norway forts
    like Oscarsborg Fortress or Fort Casey and the triangle of death in Washington.

  6. Spaceman 2315 says:

    Can you please do the next video of the Corregidor Island. We need to see more history about this one! Which we fought together to wipe out Japanese in the philippines! Thank you so much united states for fighting on our side since world war 2

  7. Road Kill says:

    3:16 My dumb ass looking down the barrel of my Nerf gun to see what's wrong right before I shoot my eye

  8. Eddie Dahle says:


  9. Mello The Jello says:

    2020 anyone?
    Also I would loveeee to see a video like this on the triangle of fire. That is Fort Stevens in Oregon, Fort Canby in Washington, and Fort Columbia in Washington. In WW2 these forts where shelled by a Japanese submarine (I101) no one was hurt but the history of all 3 of those forts is extensive and amazing I hope this is seen

  10. In hindsight, these were unnecessary.

    But until the curtains fall down, they may be needed.

    In Norway during WW2, when we got invaded by the Nazi German regime… it was halted by:
    – A nearly 90 years old fortress.
    – Manned by a 65 year old retired Colonel and almost exclusively fresh recruits.
    – Old gun batteries (only enough to crew two of the guns).
    – Notoriously unreliable 40 years old ''Whitehead Mk.3 torpedoes''.

    But this was enough!
    Our king, current cabinet and gold reserve would not have been able to retreat, reconvene and act/escape to Britain to command the resistance in Norway and the Norwegian war effort.

    ''The Battle of Drøbak Sound 1940'' Shows this very good

  11. Larry Alvares says:

    The Batteries At Chamberlain Have A Range Of 8.2 Miles.

  12. Tomi Timonen says:

    There was similar coastal artillery system between Porkkala (Finland) and island of Aegna Tallinn (Estonia) 50km31,3ml distance in narrow place on gulf.Although it didn't see battle it was designed for, cause Soviet Union and Estonia made agreement of friendship in 1939. Estonian intelligence service managed use the underwater signal line to report soviet movement. That came to an end when soviet invade Estonia in 1940. 1941 when Germany invade Estonia among others baltic countries retreating soviets blow those fortresses in Estonian side.
    Finns used their armaments to secure merchant supplies from Germany to aid Finland.

  13. Jeff Anderson says:

    Isn't. That. Nancy
    Pusslousy's. House.?
    No. She's. Going
    To. Alcatraz. 🐴🐴

  14. Arthur Condor says:

    Being in that battery probably sucked, but at least they weren’t in a foxhole in the middle of winter in Europe with mortar rounds exploding the trees around you

  15. JACaplanStudios says:

    At the mouth of the Columbia River there are batteries like the 16 inch battery. They guard the entrance of that key river to the Rockies. There is one just under the lighthouse. I know because I freehand climbed up the granite face of the inlet, starting at the water, and was surprised to find the structure. Climbing inside and exploring yielded a unique experience. The hardest part of the climb was negotiating the chain link fence that kept people away from the cliff at the lighthouse.. hehe

  16. Will Kelly says:

    They can hit port Reyes from San Francisco Bay, that's so far.

  17. Tyler Wilson says:

    This was better than the History Channel, wow. Great job.

  18. FalseRamp says:

    These are so addicting to watch, fantastic job on these bitches

  19. Serna Jr Louis says:

    I wish they taught this in school. History channel does an ok job but you tube has more information. Lol

  20. Alexander Briceño says:

    Y para que sirvió para nada dinero tirado ala basura si usaran Tanya plata para luchar contra la pobreza no existiera la pobreza . Que estupides

  21. Ben Ganadillo says:

    Imagine if the germans have these coastal guns during the normandy landings…

  22. Civil Defense says:

    As a 10 year old vacationing in San Francisco in 1978, I was able to make my way into the tunnel systems on both sides of the bridge. It really neat seeing how well it was preserved; especially seeing old hand crank elevators in working order.

  23. Dylan Bartlett says:

    Could you imagine an attack on San Francisco the United States would crush anything thrown at San Francisco

  24. Timothy Boles says:

    There was a 12" twin gun battery below and to the north of the 16" guns, and a 2nd 16" battery that was never armed or named above it

  25. Donald Dodson says:

    Fantastic graphics and re-creation images interspersed with historical film footage. Very well done. I hope our own San Diego Fort Rosecrans at Cabrillo National Monument invests in this quality educational materials. Thank you.

  26. Michael Woll says:

    Very Cool… Production was Fantastic.
    BTW, I love World of Warships as well. 😎

  27. Battleship Boyz says:

    Where I live on the gaspe coast there is 2 naval fortresses like these to destroy German uboats in the Atlantic and they actually set up a big underwater metal fence to not let pass the German uboats and a lot of Canadian destroyers were sunk by German uboats.There is 2cannons per fort one fort is in forioilon national park and the other is at the edge of a golf course you can still visit them but I’m not sure about the one at the golf course but they bearly have changed anything just renovated abit. The ammunition rooms are still there and the cannons are still there and the trenches are also there and the entire thing is there the rooms and everything and it’s the only remaining fort you can visit in Canada I think.Its situated on top of a Clift so it has visual on the entire gulf of Saint Lawrence.

  28. Antony Ogar says:

    16inch rifles? Really don't you mean guns, rookie error for a guy that knows shit about tanks, etc.

  29. AcolyteOF Fire says:

    better to have them and not need them., than not have them and need them.

  30. D Fostman says:

    Forgot to mention, there's a Base End Station South down Highway 1 near the tunnel. Viewable from the road, but too unstable to explore anymore.

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